pcon2013 bb9q5137_1Like many sci-fi conventions, Penguicon uses ribbons attached to badges for many things.  We use it to indicate who is staff, who is a guest of honor, and who is a volunteer.  We use them as prizes for some events, or as rewards for going to a panel or experiencing something fun.  And, of course, we encourage our members to buy their own ribbons to hand out to others during the con!

Some people give them out as gifts (“Creative MoFo”, for instance, for a great costume), some use them to advertise something they love (“Browncoat”), and some are outright bribery (“Dance for this ribbon!”).

Ribbons cost $3 per ribbon design and $.14 per ribbon after that.

Note, we’ve combined the Registration and Ribbon Ordering processes into one form (below). If you have already registered and just want to order ribbons, click the “Add a Ribbon” button and follow the steps outlined in the form. You can order ribbons without having to register for the convention (this is useful for folks that have already registered and decided that they want to order ribbons).