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NOTE: This is an archived page. Penguicon 2014 happened on May 2nd – please go to for the most recent web site.


  • Register before December 31st to pay $35.  Con Committee members also pay this rate.
  • Register between January 1st and January 31st February 9th to pay $40.
  • Register between February 1st February 10th and March 31st to pay $45. Pre-reg will CLOSE April 1st.
  • Staff rate is $25(A ConCom member must confirm that you are Staff for you to receive this rate)
  • Panelists who present at least 3 hours of programming or submit their presentation in advance to be shared with our community via a creative commons license will pay $30.
  • At-the-door weekend rate is $55
  • If you purchase a badge on Saturday, it is reduced to $35.
  • If you purchase a badge on Sunday, it is reduced to $20.