Learn to Build Your Own Cosplay Armor Iron Man, Halo, Mass Effect, Star Wars — what do all of these have in common? Some of the most impressive looking costumes you will see out there involve armor. In this panel we will discuss multiple forms and techniques of armor construction for cosplay. You might be surprised at how simple it can be to create very impressive looking armor from some easy to find materials.
Modding Nerf for Cosplay Nerf guns and blasters are an amazing source for cosplay weaponry. The bright yellow and blue colors they come in, however, might distract from your costume. In this panel we will discuss and demonstrate how to disassemble a Nerf gun so you can prep it for painting. We will even show you how to put it back together so it still works.
Junk Pile Costume Wars Dig through the pile of random costume bits and strike gold! Participants will have two hours to construct a costume using the supplies provided. Make a thing, win a prize!
You Monster! A Special Effects Makeup Demonstration Learn how to transform yourself and others into a hideous creatures that will impress your friends and terrify your enemies.
Elements of Costuming for Dr. Who Trace the history of the Doctor through costuming elements of each one’s style, and learn how to mix and match fashions to create your own Dr. Who look.
Face Painting How To A professional face and body painter shows you how several beautiful designs can radiate from the eye with different combinations of a few simple strokes. Materials and guidance will be available for hands-on practice, so bring a face or two.
Armour Academy: Scale Armour! Since the dawn of time, scale armor has been the coolest of all the armors. And now you too can learn how to make it! In this panel, we will teach the basic art of scale mail weaving, and you’ll get a chance to try your own hand at creating scale armor!
Armour Academy: Chainmail! Want to learn how to make chainmail? Well, good news! It’s not that hard! Well, kind of hard, but not too bad. In this panel, we will teach the traditional European four-in-one weave, used for armor from the Roman Empire through middle ages, and you’ll get a chance to try your hand at forging some armor!
The Emperor’s New Clothes Come learn how to create a costume out of thin air. You can take everyday clothes and items and make them into something cool! Get tips on dyeing fabrics and taking care of wigs, and lots of ideas for ways to finish your costume. Bring your costume for help with last minute adjustments.


Eco-Districts in Detroit Detroit has many challenges, but it is also seeing a resurgence in innovation and new models of development. We’re currently working on on ecodistrict project and are working toward making Detroit the ecodistrict capital of the world, with more ecodistricts than any other city. Come find out about the future which is being built here in our backyard.
Becoming a Hero Have you dreamt of being the hero you witnessed in books and movies? Jacob Corvidae did too, and then set about trying to live a real-life adventure. It didn’t have as many fairies or spaceships as he might have liked, but it’s turned out pretty well. Tackling environmental work (or any other activism) can be daunting and discouraging, but it can also be a great source of joy and purpose. And for Jacob it’s led to some unusual places and adventures. He’ll share his story and then we’ll have a discussion about how to become the hero of your own adventure.
Actioniirs, the Community Improvement App Ever wanted to improve your home or community, but had a hard time doing it? Many people have that notion, but stop there. We’ve developed a free digital tool to help folks go from Notion to Action. It’s called Actioniirs. It’s in Beta and we’d love your feedback. This session will introduce the Actioniirs tool and it’s many uses, and seek your input for what would make it awesome. It’s lightly gamified now, but we’d like to take that a lot deeper. The presenter has won awards with Jane McGonigal’s Gameful community and would love to learn from you.
On Location: Local Food and Local Businesses, and Why We Need Them This discussion will address the importance of local food and businesses in our world today, why they are important, and why they are gaining in popularity. The talk will inspire people to support their local mom n’ pop shops over the big box stores, and in turn do good for their local communities. Attendees will learn about farmers’ markets, buying clubs, CSA’s (community supported agriculture), and other local resources to provide food, fun, and entertainment.
Don’t Scrap the Soil: Redefining Waste with Composting Learn one powerful way to give back to the Earth with the basics of composting. Come find out why it’s important (and awesome), and how to do it yourself. This talk will cover composting both indoors and out, and some of the various methods to convert potential “waste” into rich, fertile soil.
An Intro to Foraging in Michigan As the costs of fossil fuels continue to rise, so too will the price of food. And yet there is free, nutrient-dense food to be found growing all around us. From inconspicuous “weeds” to thorny shrubs, wild food is free, flavorful, and often abundant. This talk will teach attendees the essentials of foraging in Michigan, including best practices, and how to safely identify and harvest three common plants.
Sustainable Engineering in Developing Economies The presenter will highlight some of the work that EOS International ( is doing in Nicaragua and how you could use the technology here. Started by young engineering grads, EOS International is a great example of what keeping engineering local and appropriate means.
Bury Me and Plant a Tree (Green Burial) Until we discover the secret of immortality, we are all going to die one day, and it’s healthy to talk and think about it! Did you know there are more options than cremation and burial? Join Merilynne Rush of After Death Home Care to learn about natural death care and what you need to know if you want to be composted rather than have a typical funeral. It’s not hard to do but it’s not likely to happen unless you plan ahead.
BoF: Homesteading for Beginners Come together and share your resources, tips, and skills on living the self-sustaining lifestyle.
BoF: Shop Local Do you own a local business? Do you like to shop Locally? Come and talk about your favorite local business, your own business, and why it’s important to shop the local economy.


The Completely Random Guide to Cocktail Crafting Are you a responsible adult, over the age of 21, who has never had anything more complex or interesting to drink than a rum and coke? Are you an adult who adores rum and coke, but are looking to make one better? Are you interested in trying new things? Do you want to just get free drink samples? Sign-up at Ops.
Working With Yeast Learn techniques for making a few delicious breads, and taste some of them, too!
Make Your Own Cheese Press for Under $50 Making cheese at home is awesome, but without a cheese press you are limited in what types you can make. This class will show you the materials and supplies you will need to make a cheese press for under $50 and in less than an hour!
How to Make Homemade Soda Learn to make homemade soda with the ConChair and head of programming! We will go over the basic technique for making flavored soda using juice and yeast. Plenty of samples will be provided!
Hard Cheeses at Home Making your own cheese is healthy and rewarding! This workshop will discuss how to make your own hard cheeses at home. We’ll talk about what types of milk work best, where to get specialized ingredients, book recommendations, and step-by-step how-to. Attendees will receive recipes for homemade Feta and Queso Fresco.
Magical Mozzarella Mozzarella is easy and fun to make at home! We’ll discuss what type of milk to use, where to get ingredients, and have a live demonstration so that everyone can see how easy it is to make in your own kitchen.
Where’s the Proof? How accurate is the “proof” on your bottle? Let’s test the alcohol content of some wines, beers, meads, homebrews, whatever you bring. We’ll find out if the labeling is correct, and especially test the rumor that only 100 proof and above is flammable. We’ll also tell stories and trivia about alcohol, and if we can get some LN2 or dry ice or something, see if we can’t make some booze-balls.
Hot Sauce Families Capsicum-based hot sauces are not just about heat, but most people don’t think about the other ingredients in their favorite brands. Not all hot sauces are alike; they fall into distinct groups depending upon their major ingredients (other than hot peppers, vinegar, and water). Join Eric and Cathy Raymond for a hot sauce tasting experience designed to teach you how to compare your favorites to new ones.
Mead Making Shortcuts Mead is delicious. Everybody loves mead, unless you’re a communist. So wouldn’t you like to know how to make some? We will discuss the basics and shortcuts of mead making. There will also be home-made mead for tasting at the end! 21 and over, please.
Stupendous Jello Shots Explore the dark secrets of making the BEST jello shots of all time. We’ll share some with you to prove it!. Already know all there is about jello shots? Let’s go with “pfffft!” and come anyway. 21 and over, please.
The Pudding Shot Technique Fluffy, creamy, boozey, delicious-y… We have some lovely recipes to share. Live demo, including proper eating techniques. 21 and over, please. There will be samples.
Cheese Tastings and Pairings Explore the amazing depth of field the cheese world has to offer. Bring eager tastebuds to fully experience the breadth of pairing cheese with other foods.
History and Sampling of Port Many alcoholic drinks have histories, but Port will be the focus of this panel. We will discuss this history as we sample different varieties and labels of this illustrious drink. Do you have a favorite? Bring a bottle to share and we will be all the merrier for it. 21 and over only. Sign up at Ops!
LN2 Ice Cream Tasting! Come enjoy LN2 ice cream made for you by our own new group of volunteers!
How to Make LN2 Ice Cream Learn the basics of making liquid nitrogen ice cream! Equipment; safety; proportions; how the mix should taste before freezing; pouring; stirring; timing of mix-ins; recipe adjustments for non-dairy and non-sugar alternatives. Hands-on training as space permits, and of course, ice cream samples will be provided!
LN2 Ice Cream Out of the Box We have a lot of ingredients to use up! And more to teach about LN2! Come learn and taste some more. All sessions will offer dairy-free and sugar-free options upon request.
LN2: Sunday Morning Brunch Come enjoy (and help us make) breakfast ice creams, from coffee ice cream to Captain Crunch! All LN2 sessions will offer dairy-free and sugar-free options upon request.
BoF: Foodie Meetup Meet your fellow foodies of fandom!
BoF: Recipe Swap Bring your best recipes and get some new ideas from fellow foodies.
BoF: Fresh Food Resources Networking Come share ideas for local resources for fresh foods.
Open Soda Demo Watch as Bill and Anthony actually make a two-liter of soda during a live demonstration. They’ll explain how to make it, why they use different processes, and take suggestions for flavors from the audience.


Obligatory Undead Panel: Is Undead Dead? Shoot ‘em in the head, stake ‘em through the heart, the good old silver bullet…it doesn’t matter, the undead keep coming back. Have zombies, vampires, and werewolves finally run their course or do these creatures still have legs? Is there a division between genre fans who have grown tired of these creatures just as they’re taking off in the general public?
The Importance of Editing and Non-Writing For Would-Be Writers Editing is an important part of creating a book, even if it isn’t as sexy as, you know, actually writing. We’ll be discussing editing, query letters, and all of the business crap that comes along with doing this for a living.
What About The Happily Ever After? There was an insane Internet reaction to the Red Wedding from those who were watching Game of Thrones but hadn’t read it (to the reader’s delight). Is this indicative of an expectation among television and movie audiences that established characters survive? Has Hollywood created the expectation of a happy ending, even in the harshest of fictional environments? Is it more acceptable to kill off a character in print? How do these expectations differ amongst genre fiction?
Indeterminacy as a Compositional Tool: Tarot Cards and Writing Artists, at least since the surrealists, have employed various techniques to introduce a bit of ‘chance’ into the production of art pieces. One such technique is tarot cards. Aside from any possible use as a divination process, tarot cards are narratively-primed, image-rich, easily-shuffled tidbits ready to add creativity to processes such as writing. Presenter James Frederick Leach has played with “The Cards” as a tool for plotting, character development and whittling away at writer’s block. This presentation will feature workshop components so bring your portable composition tool of choice.
Line? What Line? Taboos and Speculative Fiction Incest, rape, children as warriors, the wholesale slaughter of children… there are many distasteful acts which are performed in speculative fiction. Is there anything which is still off limits, or can anything be used as a plot device so long as it is germane to the story?
How Did We Get Cool? The SFF Explosion on Screen In a world where some of the most watched shows deal with SFF themes or have been adapted from SFF material (Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, The Avengers et. al.) where does the “mainstream” line get drawn? Why is it suddenly acceptable for the SFF genre to be viewed? Has this translated over to the written word? Side question: why has mystery always been more or less accepted but SFF is a more recent explosion?
Author Readings Readings by Literature Track Guests and Panelists
Open Readings Join us and read from your book or a favorite book! Please sign up at Ops.
Creepy Fun, But Would You Read It? There is a lot of “reality” programming which deals with speculative fiction adjacent material, like paranormal research, monster hunting, and cryptozoology. There is a market for people to watch these shows, but is there a readership? Have you read any books on this topic which you would recommend?
The Hidden Sub-Genres The number of genres into which Speculative Fiction may be divided approaches infinity. Most are familiar with Hard Sci-Fi, the Space Opera, and Urban Fantasy. There are also lesser known sub-genres like Bizarro Fiction that fall in the SFF spectrum. How would you define Bizarro Fiction? What are the must reads in this field?
Writing for the Web Explore the pros and cons of writing for and Yahoo’s associated content. The discussion will compare writing content for the web versus print magazines. Other topics to be covered include how to build your writing portfolio and setting deadlines for yourself.
Self-Publishing 101 Explore the pros and cons of self-publishing in the digital age. Is there still a stigma associated with being self-published? The panel will discuss the many different sites that offer self-publishing, e-books, marketing your books, and being in control of your book.
Checking out an E-book: How and Why How to find and download e-books from the library. Learn how the library acquires and catalogs books from a librarian. Find out why there are not infinite digital copies and why there is a waitlist for newly released titles.
Hunting For Fiction: How to Find What You Want To Read A look at how people find books to read when brick and mortar bookstores are becoming scarce and libraries may or may not stock the genre fiction you are interested in. Will cover blogs, Goodreads, and more.
Ask the Authors Have you ever wanted to ask one of the Lit guests a question about publishing, getting an agent, writing, editing? Now is your chance!
Digging Up The Same Old Ground Are there any new stories left, or is everything just a retread of an old idea? What is a retread, and what is a legitimately new angle?
Reviewing for the Masses Dedicated reviewing websites, personal blogs, Amazon, Goodreads… there are endless places online to get recommendations on what to read and what to watch – where is best, for what? The panelists will discuss the ins and outs of reviewing material on-line.
Q & A With the Lit GOH: Fanboys, Ready Player One, and more Sit down with our Literature Guest of Honor, Ernie Cline, and discuss writing, his works including Ready Player One, and whatever else comes up.
Copyright vs Free Information What happens when the concept of “information can’t be contained” clashes with content creators who want monetary recompense for their hard work?
Plotters vs Pantsers – Finding the Storytelling That Works For You Some writers are plotters, and can’t proceed until they know how everything ends. Some writers are pantsers, and they surprise themselves as they go. How can you figure out which one you are, and how can you harness the strengths of each approach while avoiding the weaknesses?
Apocalypse When? Zombies, mutant viruses, alien invaders, kaiju, or the environment, the end of the world is a mainstay of science fiction. What type of apocalypse do we enjoy exploring? Come here for all of your dystopian needs.
Story Creation on the Fly — An Audience Participation Experiment in Story Telling Please join us to create a scifi story! We will start with a few words, sentences or short description, then move around the room. Each person will have a chance to add a bit more to the story. Anyone can choose to skip a turn. Add a character, kill one off. Create a new world or new love. Anything is possible. Non-creative and shy people will be encouraged to participate in a supportive environment.
Guns for Writers – What Writers Should Know About Firearms For Their Work Come talk about guns with a firearms instructor and writer. The panel will briefly discuss the history of firearms with a focus on modern and near future tech. Learn more about how guns work, how to write convincing scenes with firearms, and how knowing more about guns can help both your world building and character development. NOTE: This is NOT the “Geeks with Guns’ event.


Ridiculous Ideas for Space Travel There are only three rules: Ridiculous, Plausible, Entertaining. All of our amazing panelists have agreed to present their ideas for Space Travel that fulfill each of these rules and are willing to suffer your silly and serious questions and comments on each. Come for the science, stay for the laughs!
Changing Our Minds: Neurodiversity The term Neurodiversity has been around since the late 1990’s but it has recently become a call to arms for activists looking for acceptance and respect when it comes to neurological differences. We will explore how changing our perspective on mental health issues, from one focused on disability to one highlighting ability, can not only benefit the future of the individual but also the future of our society. Panelists who live with a variety of different mental health issues will talk about their experiences living and working in a society that focuses on “can’t.”
Are the Reals Really Real? A Skeptical Look at Infinity Infinity — all of mathematics relies on it but its existence is a matter of faith. Come learn about how this pervasive mystery underpins everything we know about numbers. The foundations of math itself will be discussed, and you may leave wondering: are the real numbers really real?
Genomics 101: What the Heck is a Genome And Why Is it Important? Science literature and science journalism are full of buzzwords like genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, and interactomics. But just what exactly is an -omics area, and what do all these words actually mean? Come find out how these systems-wide views of biology are making advancements in our understanding of the complexities of life itself, and what kinds of technology area making it possible. In this first of two sessions, we will explore the genome and its importance in modern science, and finish with a Q&A.
Genomics 201: The Transcriptome, The Epigenome, and Beyond Science literature and science journalism are full of buzzwords like genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, and interactomics. But just what exactly is an -omics area, and what do all these words actually mean? Come find out how these systems-wide views of biology are making advancements in our understanding of the complexities of life itself, and what kinds of technology area making it possible. In this second of two sessions, we will explore the the transcriptome, epigenome, and more, ending with a Q&A.
Telescope Observing: The Sun Join us outside to check out the sun in all its glory! Bob Tremley brings his telescopes and other instruments for us to view the sun.
Telescope Observing: The Moon Join us at outside to observe the moon as a waxing crescent. Bob Tremley brings his telescopes and other instruments for us to view the moon.
Urban Astronomy: Your Sky Tonight Find out what you can see in our light-polluted skies, and learn a bit about Astronomy and current events in Space/Astronomy news.
Solar System Ambassador Lecture Learn about the current space missions and their impact on science today: Dawn, Juno, and New Horizons.
The Changing Surface of Mars A history of Martian surface changes as documented by Viking, Mariner 9, Mars Global Surveyor and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Global dust storms, dust devils and persistent winds have lend to brightness variations on more then 30% of the Martian surface.
Small Bodies in the Solar System Asteroids, comets, Kuiper Belt objects and minor planets — learn about the half-million objects we share our solar system with.
Cutting Edge Neuroscience or Science Fiction? An exploration of the fine line between the field of neuroscience and science fiction. Cutting edge neuroscientific research tends to sound more like science fiction year by year. Can you tell the difference between science fiction and cutting edge neuroscience? Topics include both molecular/cellular/developmental neuroscience, and behavioral neuroscience. See if you’re up to date on the latest developments in the understanding of man’s most complex machine, the human brain!
The Age of the Cyborgs Neuroprosthetics and brain-computer-interface systems are rapidly becoming a reality. What neuroscience challenges will we face in getting to our cyborg future? What are the impacts on our society? Explore and discuss with a talk followed by Q&A.
Adventures in Metallurgy What does the CIA have in common with dinosaur extinction? They have a great metallurgical story behind them! Come hear some great stories from Professor Ron, followed by Q&A.
Harrowing Tales in Metallurgy Christmas Interruptus? Narcs on a bus? (Nope! They are engineers) Professor Ron relates more great tales from his career, followed by Q&A.
Metallurgy Wrapup Professor Ron tells some of the favorite stories of metallurgy and teaching, including the tale of the “trouser anaconda.” Q&A to follow.
The Future of Healthcare in the 21st Century and Beyond In movies and on TV, Sci-fi presents a vision of the future of medicine that may or may not come to pass. How will hospitals and healthcare providers step up to meet the challenges in today’s health care? What are the future challenges? What roles will genomics and neuroscience play? Our panelists explore these themes in a wide ranging discussion with audience participation.

Video Gaming

Retro Gaming: Come Play! Relive your youth as you play away the hours on a collection of retro gaming systems, including Atari 2600, NES, SNES and many others.
Artemis: The Starship Bridge Simulator Come be a member of the bridge crew in Artemis, the Starship Bridge Simulator. One hour sessions throughout the weekend.
Edutainment Software: The Good, The Bad, and How to Improve Together we will a look at some of the classic edutainment games from the good old days of DOS and the classic NES. We will examine the games that worked at entertaining and educating audiences, and those that failed to do either. Finally, we will consider how current technology could make this unique genre better.
Is Your MMO Teaching You About Life? Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs) have been around for decades. Did you know they were teaching you things you could use in real-life? We will examine the parallels and differences that many don’t realize are there until they step back and look at them. Trying to get into a top guild? Better be ready to write a good application and have references and an interview. Sounds a lot like getting a job to me…
BoF: Ingress Cross Faction Meetup Come to the Ingress Cross Faction Meetup to meet with other players or to start playing. Share your tips and tricks, or learn more about the story behind the game. Whether new to Ingress of a seasoned player, this crowd may just resonate with you. Joining us will be Linda Besh, one of Ingress’s Top Five.
Wait, We Have a Video Game Archive? The Computer and Video Game Archive at the University of Michigan recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. Learn who uses the Archive, what uses are most common, and what game is heavily restricted.
BoF: Favorite Video Games What are your favorite video games? What new games are you excited about?


Linux – the Scary, Scary Command Line Linux hasn’t always had a GUI, and you don’t *need* a mouse to use or administer a Linux box. Come get a brief but thorough introduction to interacting with that scary, scary, “shell” and its tools. You will need a WiFi-equipped, ssh-running gizmo (laptop, tablet, smartphone) with a *good* keyboard, your mad typing skillz, and your thinking cap. Attendance limited. Sign up at Ops no less than one hour before.
Ubuntu Release Party Come celebrate the release of version 14.04 of this highly popular Linux distribution – meet us in the bar!
Teaching Free Software to Homeschoolers Emily is a GNOME member and developer, as well as a mother with an interest in teaching her kids. Come learn from her experience in teaching free software.
Two-Factor Authentication: A Primer Let Mark, a security professional, teach you how you can use two-factor authentication to improve your security and prevent the bad guys from stealing your online accounts.
Connecting with SSH SSH is the secure way to log in to another computer system, come listen to Carl teach you the ins and outs.
3D Printing and Linux 3D Printing is a big thing with the maker movement, and Tom shows how you can do this with free software. Tom is a Red Hat employee and member of the Fedora project.
Data Visualization with d3.js See examples of interactive data visualizations built with d3.js and learn how to make your own.
Open Source Jobs Love free and open source software? Want to find a way to get paid to work on it? Our panelists have found a way to do it, come find out how you can too!
Linux Dorking: Exploring the Basics of Linux From the Eyes of an Attacker Breaking in is only half the battle. Once you’re in, you still have to make sure you don’t lose your access. This talk will walk through basic system administration functions culminating in a Remote Access Trojan created completely from sysadmin tools. Some Linux experience needed. If breaking in is half the battle, staying in wins the war.
Creating Machine Tool Paths In Adobe Illustrator If you use a laser cutter, vinyl plotter, or other CNC tools at i3Detroit or another hacker space, you need 2D paths that the tool will follow. This path, or “vector”, is described with various formats such as SVG (scalable vector graphics), AI (Adobe Illustrator), or DXF (digital exchange format). This class will teach you the basics of the premiere vector illustration tool, Adobe Illustrator, with an emphasis on how to prepare your file to be used as a tool path. Computers and software are not provided, we can help if you bring a prepared file or Illustrator.
Developing Software For Penguicon Penguicon has begun to host hackathons year-round to develop software to help organize this convention: Please join us at the whiteboard! Developers and interested stake holders will meet to discuss the project’s purpose, stack, and next steps. Look at the user stories in the readme and the flowchart image in the wiki:
Raspberry Pi Hacks Ruth Suehle and Tom Callaway, authors of Raspberry Pi Hacks (O’Reilly, December 2013), will share hints and tips for hackers ready to bring their ideas to life with the Raspberry Pi. Learn how to choose the best distro for the job you intend to do, and advance to building a custom kernel. You’ll learn how to add a power switch and check your power problems. See what we and others have made, from light displays and using the Pi as an FM radio to a Star Wars project so good, it scored the creator an upgrade from girlfriend to wife. You’ll see Lego TARDIS, Pi-powered Pipboy, and aliens, so come ready to geek out, both Pi and otherwise.
Introduction to OpenBSD OpenBSD is an open source operating system that emphases security and reliability. Come take a tour!
Ubuntu: Latest Updates Jorge is employed by Canonical and will present on the latest developments from this popular Linux distro.
GPG Encryption Come learn GPG Encryption with Tony, host of Sunday Morning Linux Review, and active promoter of GPG Encryption.
LIVE: Sunday Morning Linux Review Tony, Mat, and Mary record an episode of their popular Linux podcast, the Sunday Morning Linux Review
Watson Answers: How a Computer Won Jeopardy! Analytics (in 2014) is all the rage in business and research. But what is it really? This will be a conversation about various aspects of analytics. Using IBM’s Watson Cognitive Computer System as a conversational framework, we’ll discuss analytics in general, why it’s important, who’s making news, and how it may affect our future.
Fun with Home High-Voltage Toys Learn how arcane objects like dekatrons, vacuum tubes, and nixies can make fun toys!
Sudo: You’re Doing It Wrong Sudo is one of the most widely deployed authorization tools for Unix-like systems. It’s also one of the most commonly misconfigured, leaving security holes for intruders.This talk takes you through common sudo uses and breaks them, then suggests secure ways to accomplish what you really want. We’ll talk about exotic sudo features, such as LDAP and intrusion detection.
BSD Operating Systems: A Tour While Linux gets a lot of press time these days, it’s not the oldest open-source Unix-like operating system. The Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) has been around since the late 1970s. We’ll cover the two most popular BSD variants, FreeBSD and OpenBSD, and what makes these operating systems special. If you use the Internet, you use BSD. Come see what you rely on. By the author of “Absolute FreeBSD” and “Absolute OpenBSD.”
DNSSEC in 50 minutes The Domain Name System (DNS) is the backbone of the Internet and the most successful distributed database in history. It’s also thirty years old, and perhaps the most insecure protocol in use today. DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) guarantees the integrity of DNS data. Deploying DNSSEC isn’t that hard — once you have a basic understanding of how it works. This talk takes you through the basics of DNSSEC and the deployment considerations. By the author of “DNSSEC Mastery.”
SSH Key Authentication: You Know You Should Be Doing It Secure Shell (SSH) servers are popular targets for password-guessing attacks. The only way to eliminate these attacks is to use key-based authentication. If you’re still using password-based authentication because key-based authentication seems hard, come to this talk. Bring your laptop. You’ll create your own authentication key, deploy it to your server, and make key-based authentication painless. When you go back to work after Penguicon, you’ll wonder how you ever survived using passwords.
Cryptoparty, Penguicon Edition Everyday encryption for the general public. Learn to protect your hard drive’s data, browse the web anonymously, encrypt your email, and more in this hands-on workshop. Absolute beginners are welcome; we will have volunteers on hand to provide you with software and help you learn to use it. Bring your laptop along to get the most from hands-on activities in this session.
Using vi For Simple Text Editing Tired of suspender wearing, bearded Unix system admins kicking sand in your face? Tired of IDEs and word processors dragging your system to its knees? Come to this quick tutorial for vi, the light weight, efficient text editor that is available on nearly every system and never suffer from tool bloat or bearded, suspender wearing bullies again. Laptop with vi installed required (Mac and Linux computers have this by default).
3D Printing and the Tabletop Game Industry 3D Printing will change many different industries and tabletop gaming will be one of the first. Using the copyright wars of the past 15 years as a model, we’ll look at the challenges 3D printing creates for tabletop game creators and explore ways companies can embrace the technology without being hostile to their customers.Jason is the creator of tabletop game Legends of Kalidasia.
Open Source Firearms: A Presentation on FOSSCAD Find out about the work we are doing to develop open source firearms for legal personal use for self and civil defense.
The Podcast Infiltration From celebrities like Kevin Smith and Aisha Tyler, to every day folks who just like to talk, people from from all walks of life are starting their own podcasts. What is a podcast? How do you get started? Come find your voice.
Build your own Steambox Jorge will show how you an use the open source SteamOS software to build your own Steambox console for playing games on Valve’s Steam.
Securing Your Home Network with a Hardware Firewall Learn how to make your home network more secure using a hardware firewall with Chris, a security professional.
Python Come learn all about programing in Python from Mike, a member of the Python Users Group in Ann Arbor.
Erlang and You Erlang is the new old hotness, so ugly you have to love it. Come find out what’s it really good for, what does it suck at and why should you care? Come explore the deep dark tunnels and wide open plains of Erlang. Cast magical spells of awesomeness and spawn millions of processes. If you want to take over the world, then Erlang is for you.
BoF: Raspberry Pi Be honest… if you had the Raspberry Pi a few years ago, you would have thought it was a dream machine. Now it has many practical and fun uses. What would you do with one?
BoF: Gadgets and Cool Tech Which cool tech do you want to talk about? What are the best technology gadgets you have seen? What do you want to see in the near future? Why do you like your gadget?
BoF: Why Can’t Johnny Code? You know there are smart people out there who could learn to code (write software, program computers). But they don’t. Why not? What can we do to expand the coding craft? Do schools need to teach the principles that make good coders? Can we start a little coding instruction event?
BoF: Open Source Software for Everyday Use What open source software do you find yourself using everyday? Why do you use that software? How can we make our lives better with software?
BoF: Building a Tech Community Can you share any ideas on how we can make our technical clubs and community groups better? What would it take for you to play a more active role in the groups around the area?
Making Clocks and Timepieces with Arduino We will discuss and show off several kit examples of Arduino watches and clocks, and go over libraries for timekeeping and reading battery-backed clock chips.
Great Engineers: Gotta Catch ‘Em All Is tech hiring like Pokemon? How do you hire *and* hang on to good people? What do recruiting and retention have to do with each other? If you’re looking for a job, does “passion” in the job ad sound inspiring, or like 80-hour work weeks are expected? The panelists have each been on both sides of the interview table. Come hear their perspectives and share your own.
ITIL: Best Practices Overview IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is a set of best practices that has been used globally for over 15 years to help IT organizations work in harmony with the business. ITIL® provides guidelines for an IT organization to become the most efficient and effective it can be. Come learn how valuable ITIL® certification can be for IT professionals and their organizations.
All About Audiobooks We all spend a great deal of time driving or otherwise working on projects that prevent us from reading as much as we’d like. Many have found audiobooks to be a great way to take advantage of otherwise lost time. Learn the current (and historic) technology.
Programming Robots the Old Fashioned Way (A Crash Course in PLC Ladder Logic) Voice-controlled robots that can be programmed by waving your arms around are in the news every day – they’re the latest craze! Back here on planet Reality, specialized computers called Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are what run practically every industrial process – they control machinery to assemble electronics, regulate temperature, blend pharmaceuticals, and do a thousand more things. In factories, warehouses, ships, and trucks throughout the world, these rugged workhorses are the core of modern industry. Learn how they work, how to program them, which units have free programming software, and how to score cheap used units on ebay to install in your army of giant Mecha-Hamsters.
Building a Career in IT Considering a career in IT or looking to advance your existing career? Technical professionals at the top of their field tell you how they got there and how to avoid the pitfalls on your way to the top.
Civic Technology From SMS-based blogging platforms, to visualization of large-scale public data, to Android tablets for prison inmates reconnecting with society, the way we interact with each other, our communities, and our governments is changing. This panel will present some exciting examples and speculate on future possibilities.
Getting Things Done (GTD) Under Linux The Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology by David Allen is a popular way to not only get things done but also to clear away distractions and achieve focus. Craig Maloney details how he uses GTD under a Linux environment, using tools like Todo.txt, Evernote, Dropbox, and text files. He’ll also cover some useful tips and tricks for setting up and honing your own GTD system.
Conquering HTML5 Apps: Session 1 Javascript got you down? Do you see fancy single page applications and wonder how in the world that thing works? Do you make this stuff every day and just want to make more or see someone else’s approach? This intermediate level panel is for you! This is the first of two sessions — please come to both! In this session, we will focus on tooling, structure, mock data sets, and build process. Follow along with the presenter, and walk away with a working single page app. Stan represents Bitovi.To get the best head start, clone and follow the readme for install directions.
Conquering HTML5 Apps: Session 2 Javascript got you down? Do you see fancy single page applications and wonder how in the world that thing works? Do you make this stuff every day and just want to make more or see someone else’s approach? This intermediate level panel is for you! This is the second of two sessions — please come to both! In this session, we we will focus on data models, components, and testing. Follow along with the presenter, and walk away with a working single page app. Stan represents Bitovi. To get the best head start, clone and follow the readme for install directions.
Pascal Isn’t Air Pressure, It’s a Modern Programming Language The Pascal programming language is still alive. Free Pascal is a modern compiler for Pascal that works on nearly all platforms. It is a low-level, object-oriented programming language that is pretty darned fast. There will also be a demo of Lazarus, an IDE and cross platform GUI toolkit that allows one to make native applications on Windows/Linux/OSX with one code base. Expose yourself to the granddaddy programming language that has continued to learn new tricks.
Eric S. Raymond: Ask Me Anything Ask ESR Anything. What’s he been working on? What’s he shooting? What’s he thinking about? What’s he building in there?
Inside Game Face Labs Join Ed Mason, CEO of Game Face Labs, as he gives you a behind the scenes look at making virtual reality come to life.
Virtual Reality Headset Demo with Game Face Labs Come try Game Face Labs’ 3D printed, Android based, wireless virtual reality headset. You know you want to!
Virtual Reality: Fact vs Fiction How close are we to being inserted into The Matrix? Join our GoHs Ernie Cline and Ed Mason as we figure out what is fiction and what is reality.
Programming for Total Noobs If you’ve ever wanted to learn to build a program or write a script, but don’t know where to start, come join our GoH Erika Carlson and the staff of Girl Develop It to some basics and find out where you can get more information. Attendees will need a laptop computer with an up-to-date operating system (preferably Windows 7 or later, Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion or later).
Diversity in Tech Why are tech positions mostly filled by men? What can we do to change this? Join our GoH, Erika Carlson, for this important discussion.
The NSA is Watching You: The Government, Surveillance, and You Now that Edward Snowden has made you aware that the government is watching and recording your every move, come join our GoH Eva Galperin and Featured Guests Cory Doctorow and Nick Farr as they discuss of the implications of living in a surveillance state.
Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Cryptocurrencies… What’s the Big Deal? What’s a cryptocurrency and why do we need it? What is Bitcoin mining? Why is Bitcoin so volatile? What is this scary new money and why is it important in our ever-changing world?
What is the EFF? With revelations coming out on a daily basis, it’s obvious that our privacy is both critically important and under attack. Come learn about an organization that is defending our rights every day.
BoF: Arduino Join fellow fans of the hardware Arduino and discuss how you will use it to conquer the world.
Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free If you think the copyright wars are about who gets to watch movies and when, you’ve missed the big picture.
A Special Reading By Cory Doctorow A sneak peek at an untitled, in-progress novel for adults, that is something of a prequel to Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, in the vein of Makers. You’ll be the first people apart from Cory himself to come into contact with this material!
Women in Tech Meetup Meet other women working or hoping to work in technology, swap stories of what it’s like working in a male-dominated field, and share strategies for success.
The Future of Virtual Reality With the Oculus Rift being bought by media giant Facebook, the cautionary tales of science fiction seem closer than ever to reality. Join authors Ernie Cline and John Scalzi, and Android VR creator Gameface Labs, as they talk about where our communal virtual fantasy is headed.
Distributed Robotics with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Zetta.js Matt Dobson, Adam Magaluk and Kevin Swiber, engineers at Apigee in Downtown Detroit, will demonstrate a geographically distributed system of robots, sensors and actuators. They will share hardware tips, APIs and code from their new open source JavaScript platform called Zetta.js. You will see robot parlor tricks, a man with green(ish) hair and a variety of devices connected with Arduino, Bluetooth, Raspberry Pi, Node.js and Hypermedia APIs. It will be a veritable Internet of Things.

Action Adventure

Guns and Gun Safety Author and gun enthusiast Stu Chisholm talks about guns and gun safety.
Firearms and the Law Open Carry and Conceal Carry in particular have been getting increased coverage in the news lately. What are the relevant laws, and what should you expect? Why would someone want to carry a weapon in the first place? What does this really mean with respect to your rights, safety, encounters with those carrying in public, and any response from law enforcement? Join our panelists in a discussion on these and related topics. Sharing of personal experiences is strongly encouraged. Please note that this is a logic-based discussion primarily regarding the law and it’s implications, and there may be conflicting viewpoints. Some people have extremely strong views on the subject of gun control. We expect participants to respect the views of others. Anyone unable to do so will be asked to leave.
Open Source Martial Arts Martial artists of all backgrounds join in sharing and learning skills with other martial artists! Please bring any training equipment that you would like to use with you. This will be an open format opportunity for developing new understanding with martial artists of other backgrounds.
Western Spear Techniques Workshop Learn to use a spear! This active workshop focuses on techniques of spear drawn from western historical sources. Come dressed and ready to move. There are a limited number of available spaces for this workshop. You must sign-up ahead in ops.
Western Swordsmanship Workshop Learn to use a sword!  In this active workshop you will learn swordsmanship techniques drawn from western historical sources.  Come dressed and ready to move.  There are a limited number of available spaces for this workshop. You must sign-up ahead in ops.
Western Martial Arts Weaponry Demonstration Come see demonstrations in the use of swords, spears, shields, and other western martial arts weapons!
Fighting in Film vs. Martial Arts A demonstration of how a fight scene in a movie is blocked out, choreographed, rehearsed, filmed, edited, and finally seen by the audience.
The Living Western Martial Arts Increasingly, we are developing the ability to study the martial traditions of many western cultures. This panel will discuss the philosophy, source materials, tools, and techniques of modern Western martial arts.
Dirty Tricks Swordfighting In a real swordfight, you want as many as you can get. At Aegis Consulting, it’s just another practice.
One Deep Breath: Psychology in Fighting Explore the impact of psychology in combat.
Board-Breaking Class A fundamental feat of confidence and will, board breaking is one of the first, most dramatic tests of Eastern martial arts. Join Aegis as we teach you what it takes for you to break a board or two. Take your broken board home with you as proof or your new prowess!
Sneak Like Ninja, Move With Grace A class on balance, grounding, and silent walking.
War of Ideas: Promoting Change Direct conflict is only one manner of affecting the world. This discussion focuses on the multitude of tactics for the creating social improvement.
Archetypes in Modern Culture Joseph Campbell’s “Hero With a Thousand Faces” tells the tale of the Tale: the archetypal path of life. What kind of a Hero are you? Where in your Quest are you? How does the concept of the Archetype in you impact your day to day?
Dagorhir: Local Eryndor LARP Dagorhir combines fast-paced full-contact combat simulation with elements of live action role-playing. Learn the rules, find out where you can play in Michigan, and try out the weapons for yourself.
Throwing and Catching Practice Swords Learn to throw and catch swords! There will be a short lesson followed by fun and awesome practice. In consideration of safety, we will be using training weapons. There are a limited number of available spaces for this workshop. You must sign-up ahead in ops.
Designing and Making Sparring Weapons Join us for a discussion about how to construct sparring weapons. When designing sparring weapons, we take into account many factors. Weight, flexibility, and many other elements of the materials allow for both safety and effectiveness. Construction techniques add to this. Come and add to the discussion as we begin with a historical weapon and talk through methods for creating a sparring weapon variant.
SCA Fencing Demo Come learn about fencing done through the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)!  The SCA is a practical historical group that strives to learn about and recreate the arts and sciences of pre-17th century life.  We have a ton of fun doing all things from blacksmithing to weaving to archery to armored combat.  Here we will demonstrate our fencing!  Learn how to fence with one sword, two swords, bucklers, cloaks, and more – we teach for free and have loaner equipment at our practices at many locations around Michigan and surrounding states.
Geeks With Guns Join the traditional outing with John Bell, off-site at a shooting range. Meet at the hotel on Friday at noon. Email for more information and if you want to attend.
BoF: Gun Enthusiasts Join your fellow gun enthusiasts of fandom to discuss guns, gun safety, and gun laws.


Annual Dominion Tournament In this million-selling “non-collectible card game,” players start with the same simple deck, and use their hand to buy cards into their collection from the middle of the table. Whoever buys the most expensive victory cards first, wins. Winners take home plastic trays for displaying cards during play. Plan to play through two games with pre-designed sets. Please sign up at Ops, but walk ins are still welcome!
FRAG Frag is a computer game without a computer. It’s a “first-person shooter” on a tabletop. Move your fighter and frag your foes; draw cards for weapons, armor, and gadgets; move through the blood spatters to restore your own health! If you die, you respawn and come back shooting! Up to six can play.
Nuns on the Run In Nuns on the Run™ you explore the exciting nocturnal world of a grand abbey filled with intrigue and deception. As the old abbess, the noble prioress, or a simple novice you become hunter or prey. Everyone gets a special “blessing” but only the novices try to fulfill a “secret wish.” They must sneak through the dimly lit halls, corridors, and gardens, seeking keys and treasures unique to their goal. Meanwhile, the vigilant abbess and prioress patrol their routes, ever watchful of young novices who should be fast asleep in their austere cells. Are you wily enough to fulfill your quest and win the night?
Murder of Crows Uncover a murder most foul by revealing six story elements that together describe the deadly deed and spell the word MURDER. But take care that your opponents can’t do the same — take their letters, counter their actions, or call on a waiting Crow to influence the murder before they do! At any moment a well-played card can shift the balance and seal someone’s fate.
Midevil Deluxe MidEvil is the first game to be based on, and an extension of, the award winning Zombies!!! system from Twilight Creations. Players have escaped the modern-day zombie horde only to find themselves transported back in time and faced with a whole new set of problems!
Cheap Shot The gloves are off in the rummy-style game of insults. Players use the cards in hand to formulate an insult “Your Secret Boyfriend/is a drama farmer/and tells only lies.” Wham! Pow! Unless the targeted player can come up with a block card, such as “Oh grow up!,” the insult will stand as points. The more cards in the insult, the bigger the points. So, grab your toenail biting, hideous friends and duke it out with Cheap Shot or just go “Zip your pie hole”!
Revolution Blackmail the printer. Threaten the innkeeper. Bribe the priest. Welcome to Revolution! Secretly bid against your opponents to gain the support of the people, win territory . . . and gather more Gold, Blackmail, and Force for the next round of bidding! Will you try to control the tavern or the fortress? The harbor or the plantation? Knowing where to push for support – and where to back away and let your opponents fight – is the key to victory. It’s a game of bluff, counter-bluff, and surprise.
Settlers of Catan Players are recent immigrants to the newly populated island of Catan. Expand your colony through the building of settlements, roads, and villages by harvesting commodities from the land around you. Trade sheep, lumber, bricks and grain for a settlement, bricks and wood for a road, or try to complete other combinations for more advanced buildings, services and specials.
Mad Scientist University Do you want to test your GM creative skills? You will get four random elements and 30 minutes to create a title and game blurb to get players. Once you have players you have four hours to run the best game ever! Prizes awarded for the best GMs.
Chopped GM – Penguicon Fifteen players will have a chance to become the first winner of “Chopped GM.” There will be four random elements to test and stretch players’ creative muscles. Have you got what it takes to win the contest?
The Haunting House The Haunting House is a wildly fun, fast-paced, strategy board game with a twist. The object is simple: players enter the front door and race to be the first to reach the exit. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Half the time the players choose their own path; the rest of the time, their paths are chosen randomly by opponents. Additionally, the board elements constantly change as the game progresses.
Red Neck Life A roll of two dice determines the grade you complete in school at age 18, which sets you up for one of eleven fabulous careers such as Monster Truck Announcer or Mullet Salon Operator! Journey through Blue Collar Americana by going into debt to purchase rigs, get hitched and housed, divorced, remarried, and raise a passel of young’uns.
Illuminati Illuminati is the Game Of Conspiracy. Secret conspiracies are everywhere, and now you can take control of one of them and try to . . . yes . . . take over the world! This game has been one of our most popular since its 1982 release. It won the Game Designers’ Guild Select Award and the Origins Award for Best Science Fiction Board Game, which is a good trick since it’s more of a card game, but the Illuminati work in mysterious ways.
Pack -n- Stack It’s moving day! You have lots of boxes to load, and a truck to load them into… but how are they going to fit? Maybe on their ends? Stacked on top of each other? You’ll have to pack your unique truck as tightly as possible, and you lose points for packing too few pieces on your truck, or for leaving pieces you can’t fit behind. Can you pack’em, stack’em and rack’em with the best?
Gloom In the Gloom card game, you assume control of the fate of an eccentric family of misfits and misanthropes. The goal of the game is sad, but simple: you want your characters to suffer the greatest tragedies possible before passing on to the well-deserved respite of death. You’ll play horrible mishaps like Pursued by Poodles or Mocked by Midgets on your own characters to lower their Self-Worth scores, while trying to cheer your opponents’ characters with marriages and other happy occasions that pile on positive points. The player with the lowest total Family Value wins.
Humans!!! This time you are playing the zombies and trying to infect as many people in town as possible. This game will be able to be played with Zombies!!! – some players playing humans and some players playing zombies.
Oh Gnome You Don’t It’s adventure time for gnomes as they travel and gather items along the forest trail. Typically cheerful and friendly, the little gnomes let greed and aggression get the best of them as they get into brawls, play tricks, and set traps to be able to grab up and trade for the most gems by the end of the game. It’s a Gnome-tastic Adventure!!
Munchkin Everything Munchkin is the mega-hit card game about dungeon adventure . . . with none of that stupid roleplaying stuff. You and your friends compete to kill monsters and grab magic items. And what magic items! Don the Horny Helmet and the Boots of Butt-Kicking. Wield the Staff of Napalm . . . or maybe the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment. Start by slaughtering the Potted Plant and the Drooling Slime, and work your way up to the Plutonium Dragon . . .
Family Business Be the boss in this fast-paced card game of survival on the mean streets. “Family Business” pits mobsters against each other – all working to make sure theirs is the last family standing!
Let’s Kill Have you ever had the urge to start beating some know-it-all who really deserved it, but were held back by those frustrating social boundaries? Ever wanted to go psycho on a bunch of bleached-blonde cheerleaders, or the pretentious beatnick at the corner coffee shop? Ever wanted to achieve fame through your horrifying actions? This game may help relieve that urge. In Let’s Kill you play a psychotic killer determined to kill as many people as possible in the most bizarre ways you can think of, using everything from sporks to weed whackers to industrial paper shredders, while gaining as much media coverage as you can.
Cards Against Humanity Cards Against Humanity is what Apples to Apples would be if it were rewritten by college bachelors channeling their inner 12-year-old: raunchy, sick, wrong, and hilarious. If you understand that racism, sexism, and hating are evil in practice but can be downright funny when played for laughs, then you will probably enjoy this game. Two tables, 8 spots each.
RoboRally It’s a slow day at the widget factory, so the central race computer has prepared a RoboRally tournament for the factory computers. You can be one of those computers! Navigate your robot across conveyor belts, over gears, and past pushers in your effort to be the first to touch all the checkpoints. But watch out for the other robots, not only are they trying to beat you to the checkpoints, but they might even try to push you off course. And don’t forget the lasers mounted throughout the factory, and on each of the other robots too. Easy to learn, hard to master. This factory is definitely not approved by the UAW.
Under Where?! Hallaster’s Tea Party… A D&D Dungeon Craw Come join us for the ultimate dungeon crawl through the “Ruins of Undermountain.” Do you dare enter the playhouse of the mad wizard Hallaster? He’s having a tea party and you’re invited…as the entertainment. Who knows what horrors lay waiting around the next corner! This is a massive magical dungeon where players can come and go at Hallaster’s whim. Come join us for as long or as short as you like. All characters are premade (level 6+) and ready to play. D&D 3.5 rules will be used. We have the dice, you have the vice!
Elementary, Dear Watson There has been a murder! Who did it? Use your Sherlockian wits and deductive reasoning to solve a murder mystery in a social hors d’oeuvres laden cocktail-sipping fancy environment. Dressing up is encouraged. Find this killer before he kills YOU!
The Biggest Game of Cards Against Humanity Ever Played We’re going to attempt the biggest game of Cards Against Humanity ever. Even if you’ve only heard about this wild tabletop game, show up for the fun and stay for the chaos.
Titans of Industry In Titans of Industry, you must invest in building factories and businesses (in the 1920’s) in order to produce goods to gain victory points (VPs). Game play involves a delicate balance of money, production, and goals. The person who can best manage his buildings and meet his goals in seven years will win.Titans of Industry, which allows 3-6 players and plays in approximately 20-25 minutes per player, is a rich worker-placement/resource-management Euro-style game.
PowerPoint Karaoke Players will try out their improv chops one at a time with a random slide deck which they get to present to the audience (with a time limit). Each player hangs a compelling or funny narrative on whatever art, charts, technobabble, or self-improvement jargon comes up on the slides. Volunteer from the audience! Prizes awarded!
Hollywood and Licensing Have you ever wanted to get an insider’s prospective on dealing with licensing and Hollywood? Come to this panel and find out how it all works.
How to be the Best GM Tap into the minds of two local GMs. Come learn some new ways to make your game session more memorable.
World Building What are the best tips for making a world that is unique and sensational? Come join us and find out!
Pen and Paper Game Design Meet local game designer Kevin Siembieda and use him for his expertise! He’ll talk about tips and tricks designing your own games.
BoF: Gaming Fans Meetup Get together with your fellow gaming fans to talk games.
Rick’s Big Box of Games Pick from a variety of games and play for a while! Options include: Munchkin, Back to the Future, Dominion, Star Trek DBG, Smallworld, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Castle Panic, Zombies!!!, Chess, and more. Participants will select which specific games to play. Some games have limited space, so sign-up in advance at Ops and vote for your favourite titles. New players are welcome, as are walk-ins.
Board Game Design What does it take to design and produce a new game? We will discuss all aspects, from initial concept and mechanics to playtesting and even funding through Kickstarter. This is a Q&A panel so bring your questions!
Whose Geek are You Anyway? Bringing it back due to the overwhelming request – Come join in Who’s Line Is It Anyway style sketches, with a twist! Ever wonder what would happen if you got Superman and Lex Luthor on Jerry Springer? What if Spock had to hold a press conference apologizing for all Kirk’s indiscretions? Expect some wild and off the wall topics and skits, and laughs for all!
MovieMashups Tournament In MovieMashups, teams of 2-4 players compete to prove their knowledge of mixed-up movies. The winning team will walk away with one deck of cards.
Sanity Claws Radio – Live Gaming Podcast Join the guys from Demon Lobster on the Sanity Claws Radio podcast as they debate the greatest game ever made! Audience members are encouraged to chime in with their suggestions, support, or dissention. The show wraps up with an audience participation version of our question-and-answer game – I Can Top That – where audience members get to ask the questions to the panelists. With prizes and shenanigans, everyone is a winner!
BoF: Gamers Looking for Campaigns Meet fellow gamers and find new adventures.


Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob Presents “The Giant Spider” Dr. Bob Tesla brings his show to PenguiCon! With the help of his lab assistants and his brother, Nikola, Dr. Bob brings you a fun, cheesy movie experience!
Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob: Behind the Lab Coat Ever wonder what went into making a midnight movie host show? Curious about how Dr. Bob Tesla and his crew came to be? Want to know why we did what did and didn’t do what we didn’t? This is your chance! A behind-the-scenes talk with the cast & crew of Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob with Q&A.
Movie: Justice is Mind “Justice Is Mind” In a future where MRI technology can read your mind, the trial of the century soon begins when a defendant faces his own memory for a double murder he doesn’t remember committing.
A Horrible Sing-A-Long “The status is not quo.” 45 minutes of watching and singing along to “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog.” Costumes welcome!
Webseries and Fan Films: Future of Filmmaking? Come join us for a discussion on making webseries and fan films.
Script Writing for Movies Aching to write a script for that great movie idea that’s been bouncing around in your head? Come get some tips and tricks for how to get started on writing a script.
Filmmaker’s Forum Open forum for Q&A about filmmaking. Learn how to get started in filmmaking.
Lost Gems in Media Ever have someone tell you about a favorite TV series or book that you’ve never heard of, then you check it out and wonder why everyone *hasn’t* heard of it? Come share your favorite book/movie/TV show that you feel got less press than it deserved.
Silent Era Movies The science fiction and horror form of movie goes all the way back to the initial days of cinema. Many people know about the big names like Nosferatu and Metropolis, but there are many more movies of significant interest and profound cultural importance to the geek community. This session will explore the common and easily (re)discovered movies from the silent era. Some excerpts (or a whole movie or two) will be shown.
The Smithee Awards In short, the Smithee Awards are like the Anti-people’s Choice Awards. In long, they are an awards ceremony where 95 clips compete against each other (19 classic B-Movie categories, 5 clips per category) for the dubious honor of being the worst of the lot. Stupid Looking Monsters? Worst Science? Bad Acting? We have it all! And the best part is that you get to decide who goes home with “honors” and who is left in the dust.
Fighting in the Movies – Chicks That Kick Ass Ever wonder if the action in films could happen in real life? Join us as we review and discuss some of the top female fighting scenes in cinema. We will watch movie clips and then examine the hand-to-hand techniques, “prop” fighting, and swordsmanship in each clip.
BoF: SciFi Movies and Technology Which scifi movies have you seen recently? Which ones have technologies we will be seeing soon? What technologies do you want to see next?
Mystery Spatula Theatre 11 Mystery Spatula Theater 11, or MST11 for short, is our own fan version of the popular television show Mystery Science Theater 3000. Although more fromage than homage, the MST11 crew still have fun doing what the “big boys” do.
Film Roast Go to the movies with Dawn and Greg as they add their own special brand of color commentary (a la MST3K ) to make a bad movie into a good laugh. WARNING: May (OK, WILL) include severe laughter, adult language and off-color jokes. Not appropriate for young children or those who are easily offended, Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex- if it’s not, it probably won’t get you through one of our shows, either.
BoF: Recent Free Scifi Movies Movie making has become cheaper and easier. There are a number of fairly good quality amateur free movies/videos out there. Which ones have you seen? What did you like?
Of Gods, Heroes and Their Foes… Did you think “Thor: The Dark World” was awful? What would you like to see happen in “X-Men: Days of Future Past”? What would you have done differently regarding “Captain America: Winter Solider”? If these are questions you think about, then please join us for a rousing discussion of the movies and comics alike! Interested in learning more about Marvel (and yes, DC) comics? That’s why we’re here! Note: there will be free comics and goodies giveaways!
Independent Film Block A collection of Michigan-Made Movies. Shorts and Features to include: “Handlebar” a crime drama by Michael McCallum (Feature); “Captive of a Death Mask” a slasher flick by Slash Proof Productions (Feature); “Footprints” an apocalyptic short film by Slash Proof Productions (Short); “Detroit Ghost Busters” a fan-film by Kimberly Howard (short); “Crosscurrent” a DieselPunk film by Bad Catholic Films (short); “Moving Mountains” a WWII drama by Michigami Films (short); “Amish Vengence” a movie trailer parody by Bad Catholic Films. And maybe more!
Game Bangers: a D&D Parody Webseries Check out Game Bangers: The Webseries. A D&D Parody where table top gaming has been illegalized. Gamers must resort to underground gaming dens to play, while hiding from the police trying to bust them.
The Brain That Wouldn’t Die “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die” Dr. Bill Cortner’s beautiful fiancee, Jan, is decapitated in a car accident. Bill cannot let her go, revives her head and keeps it in his laboratory while looking for a body that could serve as a host. Jan, however, has other plans!
The Amazing Transparent Man “The Amazing Transparent Man” Dr. Peter Ulof, inventor of an invisibility machine, is forced to create a weapon out of it by Maj. Paul Krenner who keeps his daughter prisoner. The machine cannot be completed without materials that are kept safe in a well guarded government facility. Krenner’s plan is to send an invisible man to steal the needed materials but he picks the wrong person for the job — a prisoner!
Horrors of Spider Island “Horrors of Spider Island” Gary and a group of dancers are flying to Singapore where they’ll perform. The plane crashes in the ocean and Gary and the girls are the only survivors. They barely make it to an island where they find fresh water, and something else…
Plan 9 From Outer Space “Plan 9 From Outer Space” After multiple attempts by the government to cover up alien sightings, the aliens decide execute Plan 9 – resurrecting dead people as zombies – in an effort to push the government into acknowledging their existence.
Rocky Horror Picture Show – The Preshow Spend an hour in…..pation. Alternative universes smash up and fuse together in this collection of fan videos. See these short, rip-roaring spoofs of your favorite movies and shows, as they get the “RHPS Treatment.” From Harry Potter & Star Trek to World of WarCraft gaming, Rocky Horror Picture Show fans treat them all with “due reverence.” Come join in the fun as we prepare for the main festivities to follow. RHPS costumes encouraged!
Rocky Horror Picture Show “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” Infamous aliens arrive in this galaxy again to give themselves over to absolute pleasure. Join with fellow “Unconventional Conventionists” in this strange journey. Cosplay is encouraged! After the movie, we will recognize those brave souls who have lost their RHPS Virgin status and awards will be given for those with the best RHPS costumes!
BoF: RHPS You’ve watched the movie and done the dance. Now… discuss!


Performance: YTCracker Recognized as a forefather of the “nerdcore” genre, he has travelled all around the universe amassing billions of fans, the majority of which do not live on planet earth. YTCracker raps about all of the important things in life, like high frame rate and low latency pings.
Performance: My Parents Favorite Music Steffeny “Steffo” Messinger uses the title “My Parents Favorite Music” to describe the chiptune/video game influenced songs she writes, produces, and records. Bringing a spectacular amount of energy and love, clever wordplay, and unique presence, Steffo ensures every listener is welcome to join the party in her musical adventure.
Performance: King Pheenix King Pheenix (Scott Shepley) has been a recording artist since 2003. After releasing his Third album, Event Horizon:No Turning back. and with many projects in the cache for 2014… many people are asking – is the Pheenix ready to re-gen? Check out his hip hop with a nerdy twinge.
Performance: Starf StarF is a pretty cool guy who occasionally yells at microphones and calls the results music. StarF was raised with Internet culture and music to lead the way, so it only made sense that eventually he would discover a musical community on the internet where he could feel most at home. Aligning well with Scrub Club, StarF now works ever longer to become not only the best rapper he can be, but the best human he can be.
Performance: 2 Mello 2 Mello is a remix artist and soundtrack composer who chews up samples and neat sounds and spews out music that you can’t stop listening to. He is most famously known for Chrono Jigga, a mashup album that sees Jay-Z’s lyrics mixed with handcrafted beats sampling the Chrono Trigger soundtrack.
Performance: Mayor Wertz After leaving his MC COOL WHIP persona behind, Mayor Wertz ran unopposed in a city that still hasn’t found out yet. When he’s not writing internet television shows or short films, he picks up the microphone to rap about whatever he feels he needs to. Mayor Wertz is your new mayor, whether you like it or not.
Performance: Devo Spice Devo Spice is a nerdcore and comedy rapper from New Jersey who has been called “the red-headed stepson of Weird Al Yankovic and Eminem.” His demented brand of hip hop made him one of the most popular artists on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show.
Performance: Tom Smith There’s every other singer out there… and then there’s Tom Smith. Tom is NOT your ordinary comedy musician. With the lyrical complexity of Ashman and Sondheim, the vocal fireworks of Meat Loaf, the comedic timing of Robin Williams, and the dynamic physique of the Skipper from Gilligan’s Island, the only thing he won’t do is be boring.
Performance: barbeque + snesei Barbeque creates luscious soundscapes and rhythms designed to flush out memories past, and bring about visions of the future. Snesei’s music is the sound of a Nintendo Gameboy mixed with sugar, spice, and everything nice. Featuring live visuals by Ohhinaifu and Walk In Circles.
Performance: Monotony + The One Electronic Monotony is powered by two game boys running LSDJ, resulting in an assault of grungy, hyperactive, progressive, chiptune dance music. The One Electronic is an electronic artist who specializes in using vintage video game consoles to produce super lo-fi dance music, bringing you a fusion of retro video game sound with modern day EDM flair. Featuring live visuals by Ohhinaifu and Walk In Circles.
Performance: Champions of Breakfast Champions of Breakfast is the electropop collaboration of Moses Jackson
and Val Hundreds. The band is one part punk rock, one part Brechtian
showmanship, one part dance party. With a live show that acknowledges
its own artificiality, the group takes the conventions of music
performance and mutates them into a spectacle of hyperbolic proportion.
Here, bass guitars are seven feet long and made of construction paper,
everything on stage emits blindingly bright light, and the beats of
every track are pushed straight into the red.
Performance: Dixon’s Violin Transformational Journeys via Digital Violin. The world’s premier digital violinist, Dixon’s life mission is to inspire people!  And he has done so across North America, captivating audiences at intimate shows, and wowing crowds of thousands, including Burning Man, giving two TED talks/performances, plus radio and TV.
Performance: Boaconstructor Since 2011, Seattle-based 8-bit EDM producer boaconstructor has carved a name for himself pushing out huge bass tunes from a single Nintendo Gameboy. Self-confessed to be disconnected from videogame culture, boa’s Gameboy use is aesthetic only, bringing less of the 80s, and more of the party.
Performance: Bro-Bot Bro-Bot is a nerdcore hip-hop supergroup based out of Flint, MI. With five diverse pilots and a fully-armed and operational fifty-foot kaiju-killing mechanized funk-machine, nothing in the galaxy is off-limits.
Performance: Scientific Sunshine A one-woman music act, lyrically driven from her personal dreamscape. Often incorporating themes of mythology into her lyrics, Scientific Sushine’s ukulele and acoustic guitar powered songs are sure to have you singing and dancing along.
DJ Set: DJ Nuri Did you know that years before he became our very own ConChair, Nuri DJed some of the largest underground parties in the Florida scene? DJ Nuri spins classic breaks for you to shake-it to!
DJ Set: Boaconstructor Since 2011, Seattle-based 8-bit EDM producer boaconstructor has carved a name for himself pushing out huge bass tunes from a single Nintendo Gameboy. Self-confessed to be disconnected from videogame culture, boa’s Gameboy use is aesthetic only, bringing less of the 80s, and more of the party. Featuring live visuals by Ohhinaifu and Walk In Circles.
DJ Set: YTCracker On top of being a legendary hacker and nerdcore rapper, YTCracker also subsists his musical existence through mediocre
production and DJing to gigantic crowds, primarily on the anime and internet nerd convention circuit.
Scrub Club Records Presents: DIY Till I Die: How to be a Successful Independent Artist Scrub Club Records is the world’s first and only, not for profit, independent, open source music label. Many people have questions on what it takes to be successful independently, and we are here to help! King Pheenix, StarF and 2Mello will take your questions, and give you answers ranging from inspirational, to possibly insane, but always entertaining. Music is love — let’s spread it.
After Hours Panel: Scrubcast Live! What does a hurricane of comedy mixed with a tornado of entertainment sound like? If you said a stupid analogy, you are right. Scrubcast alumni King Pheenix, StarF, and 2mello, will rock your face off with laughter. With their own style of drunken riffing and random observation, this will be a night that you would regret missing.
Nerdcore is Dead Nerdcore hip-hop is often taken as a parody genre. With “nerdy” references sneaking into more and more mainstream music, is “nerd rap” a stale term? Join some of the top artists as they debate the validity of their own genre.
Chiptune as an Instrument (It’s More Than Just Videogame Songs!!) The word “chiptune” has been used as a genre of music, encompassing any/all music made on retro sound chips. Not so much anymore. Meet some of the artists breaking into new genres and pushing the limits of the chip sound.
Laptop Beats: How To Be A Computer Musician Producer 2 Mello has been working with music software since he was a pre-teen, learning the techniques to create global hits while stuck in his bedroom in the sleepy city of Lexington, Kentucky. Now he is a well-known remixer and composer for two upcoming video games. His success is proof that no matter what their situation, anyone with a good ear and the willingness to learn can create compositions. Come hear about the preparations you’ll need to take to get started in computer music.
Test Drive a Minimoog Have you ever dreamed of playing a classic Moog Minimoog synthesizer? Filker and synthesizer geek Jim Poltrone will demonstrate the operation and signal path of this classic synth, and encourage interested people to create their own sounds with it. Patch sheets will be provided.
Open Source Music Composition Tools Join filker and synthesizer geek Jim Poltrone on a brief tour of some open-source music composition tools available to the Linux user. Items covered include (but not limited to) music composing/sequencing software Rosegarden, the audio redirection program JACK, to music publishing program Lilypond.
So You Want to 8-bit? Learn the tools tips and tricks for creating both 8-bit music and pixel art from some of the best artists around! Check out this session if you’re new to the chip/pixel world!
Chillin’ with YTC Got any questions for an (in)famous hacker and Internet famous rapper? We’re doing informal hangout session with our GoH YTCracker! Join in!
Penguicon Music Open Mic Enjoy the tunes as Penguicon’s music guests jam until we’re all ready for bed. All musicians are welcome to join in.
Open Chip Jam Session Continue the jams with Penguicon’s awesome chiptune artists. All chiptunes artists are welcome to join in. Featuring live visuals by Ohhinaifu and Walk In Circles.


W.O.W. Live Action Game If you’re feeling withdrawal from online gaming this weekend, come join this year’s live action World of Warcraft-themed game. Perfect for fans of scavenger hunts or random quests. Keep your eyes open for the gold “!” to start your quest!
Con Scouts The Nearly Useless Entertainment Team is proud to once again present the Con Scouts. We will be roaming the halls and room bringing you free entertainment of varying kinds. If you choose to participate, there might be something you can get from the Scouts. Ask the Con Scouts about our Badge Program, and try to collect them all!
Zombie Tag! Tag, you’re it. Enjoy eating braaaaaains! Look out for zombified con-goers trying to “bite” you (with a ribbon, not teeth).
Wreck This Journal “Wreck this journal” by Keri Smith is a social experiment where you destroy a page as interestingly as possible. It will be floating around the convention. Let’s see how much of the journal we can get done as a group! If you find it, do a page or two, then hand it off to someone else. Please return the journal to Operations at the end of con so we can post pictures for everyone to see. Thanks to Keri Smith for donating the book!
Penguicon Time Line Find the time line to join in the fun! Use the stickers to mark the year you first came to Penguicon (if you remember) and learn other interesting facts from the convention’s history!
Ribbon Fairy If you find the Ribbon Fairy, you can trade her a ribbon for a ribbon!
Hot Wheels Auto Show Check out this special Detroit auto show… of hot wheels! Join in at the race track, where you can win a “Pinks” Ribbon… while they last. On the second floor, near the top of the stairs.
Scavenger Hunts Check out the fliers around the hotel for various scavenger hunts! Can you find them all?
Chaos Machine The Chaos machine returns to shape your wildest engineering imagination into a functioning beacon of collective brilliance. Find some old friends or new acquaintances to help build the machine from the ground up! Find it in the lobby!


Stop, Drop, & Spin Come to this workshop to make your own simple drop spindle and learn the basic of spinning! All materials will be provided. Sign up at Ops.
DIY Bubble Mix and Wands Do you ever blow a from your bottle of Miracle Bubbles and wonder if that’s as big as they get? Do you wish your bubbles lasted longer? Have you ever wanted to startle neighbors with a bubble the size of a small child floating over your roof? We can help! Come learn the basics of bubble mixology, make some wands for a more vast bubble experience, and then come play as we take our new toys for a test drive!
DIY Grow Lights There’s a lot of interest in LED-based grow lights for people starting plants indoors, over-wintering tropical plants, and growing medicinal herbs. Where do you start? This panel will cover basic photosynthesis and light, spectral requirements, some of the options for rolling your own grow lights using high-power LEDs. We’ll also talk about some of the issues with using LEDs.
From Sketchup to Lasercut Do you have an idea for a thing? The act of going from an idea to physical prototype is fraught with challenges and gotchas. But if you can make your prototype “flat pack,” I can show you how to go from modeling your idea in Sketchup to cutting it out on the big laser cutter at i3Detroit in record time.
Basic Silicone Molding and Resin CastingTechniques Learn how to make a simple silicone block mold and then cast your very own small sculpture (dragon, cat, or penguin) to take with you! Silicone types and resin types will be discussed as well as troubleshooting.
Embroidery 101 Come learn how to hand embroider! We will begin by learning some basic stitches and techniques, then you’ll have plenty of time to practice what you learned. All materials will be provided. Please sign up at ops.
Make an Origami Penguin! Learn how to make an origami penguin! Penguins for Penguicon! Bring your hands and a little patience, and we’ll help you create paper penguins for any occasion – hand them out, enclose them in letters, leave them as surprises for kids wherever you go.
Paint and Take Enjoy a fun and relaxing session of painting miniature figures, even if you don’t think of yourself as an artist. We are happy to demonstrate several painting techniques, including drybrushing, washes, and face elements, including the always tricky eyes. Some free figures available (one per person per day).


Let’s Juggle! General meetup for people who want to juggle together. Bring your own, or juggle whatever we have on hand!
You Can Juggle! Juggling class for those who think they can’t juggle. You totally can, and we’ll show you how. We will have juggling balls on-hand.
Parenting For Geeks Raising children can be quite a challenge at any age. There is no right or wrong way to parent, but come talk with other geeky parents about the ins and outs of parenting and raising your children to be geeky just like you or learning to cope when they turn out to be not quite as geeky as you thought they’d be.
Why Do We Love The 80’s? Our GoH Ernie Cline discusses the Greatest Decade Ever, its role in his creative work, and why we still have a soft spot for it, 30 years later.
Nerd Skills: Body Language, Communication, and More! Come discuss the best ways to communicate with your fellow nerds! Learn to use body language and communication techniques that will help you come off as confident, instead of creepy.
The Basics of Consent In this ever changing world of ours, consent is a hot topic. We’ll be discussing what it is, what isn’t it, and all the various shades in between. Dealing with consent both in the bedroom, and in your everyday life.
Do Angry Fans Ruin It? Was Mass Effect 3 improved by the outrage of gamers? Do TV shows like Community or Top Gear need angry feedback, or are we encouraging authors, artists and designers to be less creative to avoid fan ire? Is sequel-itis all our fault?
War on Cooties: Bringing Nerd Men and Women to the Same Gameboard From Samus Aran to Princess Peach, equal gender representation in nerd culture has been slim at best. With the way we are already judging each other for who is the most ‘L337’ nerd, it’s no surprise that women are getting even more judgement from the nerd community at large. Where are all the female heroes? The tournament-winning chicks? And why are you judging me for kicking YOUR butt in Super Smash Bros.? No matter your gender, please join in on this hot topic! This panel aims to discuss the social issues, inequality and perks that come with being a geeky lady!
Life Hacks: Communication Flame wars got you down? This panel will cover hacks for improving interpersonal communication. Topics include: active listening, nonviolent communication, conflict resolution, consensus decision-making, validation, and common pitfalls and fallacies.
Open Source Spinning Come check out something completely different here at Penguicon! Come meet some of your fellow con goers for a morning of fun and movement. All skill levels are welcome.First Hour: FlowCentrics
Meant for those with little to no experience, this session will introduce you to the basics of flow and get you comfortable with your new favorite toy of choice (a variety of poi, staffs and other fun options will be available). Not a beginner but still want to participate? No problem! Although this is meant for those new to flow, all skill levels are welcome. (Wanna help? Show up half an hour prior for details)Second Hour: Spin Jam!
Come show your stuff and perhaps pick up a new trick from your fellow con goers! There will be open space for flow-ers of all skill levels to play freely!
Engineer’s Guide to Self Defense Back once again! After signing a waiver, come learn some basic self defense techniques and tricks that work using basic principles of body motion and leverage. There will be a demonstration period, then any member of the audience who feels up to it can come try it out to see how it works for them!
Money, Dice, Chips, and Cheating. Want to Know More? How does one play casino games? What games give you the best odds against the house? A trained Casino Surveillance expert talks to authors, game designers and more about gambling and casino cheating – come with your world-building questions!
Flirting for Geeks Come learn how to (and how not to) flirt from some of our local fandom’s biggest flirts. Not only is it laugh-out-loud funny, it’s an irreverent and honest reflection of love, sex, and fandom. Find ways to woo, methods for making friends, and how to avoid being that creepy guy that we all talk about between conventions.
Fitness Boot Camp Work out to a total body strength and cardio training format, with a cool down and stretching at the end. This class incorporates the use of body weight and/or resistance bands. Come get fit to dubstep and remixed gaming music!
Intro to Leadership What makes a good leader? What makes a person willingly work or follow another person, and what are the qualities that make us successful as leaders and managers? If you’ve ever wanted to know how to be a more effective manager, how you can attract people who want to work for you, or just how to be more effective at managing your group, this is an introduction to what makes those people special, and rise above the rest.
Advanced Napping: In Public, At Work, Even Instead of Sleep The science is pretty unanimous: Naps help improve concentration, energy, mood, and may be linked to other health and lifestyle benefits too. But how, in the real world, can you really get the naps you want? Long-term polyphasic sleeper and author Marie Staver (aka PureDoxyk) will give tips and answer questions about napping in public, negotiating naptime at work, prioritizing naps, and teaching yourself to fall asleep quickly and wake rested.
BoF: Polyphasic Sleep Have you ever tried, or wanted to try, polyphasic (nap-based) sleeping? Come to this open discussion and talk to other people — including some long-term polyphasers and the author of the book _Ubersleep_ — about your experiences, your curiosity, or your doubts.
Taiji!: Body Alignment Ever wanted to study the traditional Chinese internal martial art of Taiji (Tai Chi)? Get a taste of it here, and sample the health benefits while you’re at it! This session, led by a longtime student, will cover basic movements and body alignment based on the awesome Chen and Wudang styles. Wear loose clothing and know your body, fitness & limitations — there will be opportunities for more advanced practice for those who want it.
What’s the Deal with “Internal” Martial Arts? You see it all the time in movies (think Kung Fu Hustle): The martial artist whose style is soft and flowy, but who somehow mysteriously is ten times more powerful than the Chuck Norris guys. What’s the deal with the “internal”-power styles, like Taiji and Bagua? What’s really the difference between an internal and an external martial-art, and which is really more powerful? What’s the secret to the One-Inch Punch? What characters in movies, anime, and scifi are doing which styles, and how accurately? Come get your questions answered!
How To Hold Your Breath Until People Give You What You Want Fun fact: There’s a simple trick you can do to double your breath-hold almost immediately. Apnea is a fascinating study from a psychological, physical and meditative perspective — come learn about it, including trying that trick out! Marie is a licensed freediver and an underwater hockey player.
Live Podcast: Getting Drunk with Shannon & Maggie Shannon and Maggie are BFF’s and they like to drink, a lot. Join us as hilarity ensues while the ladies drink, eat cheese, and discuss the latest events in life and entertainment. Audience members will be able to submit questions to be answered live during the session directly, during the recording, to Shannon and Maggie or via Twitter at @ShannonsParty and @TheSexToyChick.
How I Lost 100 Pounds Without Being Miserable Jeff used to be really big, now he’s not. Using a mixture of math, science, and personal story, he’ll explain how he went from 280 lbs to 160 lbs in a little over a year and how you can too.
Geek Culture: Embracing Exercise? For years, geeky folk seemed to regard their bodies are mobile devices for their brains, but not anymore. Now as one walks through the con, snippets of conversations about Warrior Dashes and Zombie Runs, about FitBits and heart monitors, can often be heard. How is exercise changing so that it appeals to geeks? How is geek culture changing to embrace sport? And what are the coolest devices out there to make it all fun?
Health at Every Size A presentation about Size Acceptance and the recent research showing that weight loss is not only very difficult to achieve and maintain, but that it is not really an indicator of a person’s healthiness and may not even contribute substantially to health. A review of the literature about what does appear to make a difference, and a discussion of how to be healthier at any weight.
Straight-Razor Shaving: A Semi-Bloody Tutorial Want the closest shave you can get without self-Sweeney Todding yourself? Straight-razor shaves are intimidating – so let us show you how it all works in a live demonstration, removing our stubble for your edification!
Night Vale Community Radio Hour Come chat with us about the podcast Welcome to Night Vale. We’ll discuss characters, theories, the weather, and NOT the dog park. The Sheriff’s Secret Police will be observing the proceedings to make sure all City Council regulations are followed. Only you can prevent your own reeducation session in the dark box.
How to Respect your Transgender Peers  More people are transitioning publicly in geek social circles where they feel less threatened and more accepted, so it’s getting more likely that you will know or meet one. Come hear a transgender person talk about the best way to approach, discuss, and respect transgender people. This presentation focuses on the social aspects of dealing with transgender people with a brief discussion of the physical aspects of transition. Most trans people do not have an easy time, but friends and peers can help by not accidentally saying something rude that makes the trans person feel uncomfortable. Bad attitudes and bad language will not be tolerated.
Midnight Yoga During the hustle of Con it is easy to become tense. Relax and recharge with some yoga stretching, whether it is to prepare for sleep or recharge you for a long night of partying. Open to all levels, abilities, and body types. Wear comfortable clothing and be ready to sweat.
Learn to Swing Dance Come for a beginner lesson on lindy hop, an almost century-old swing dance that’s still going strong! Have fun with music with your fellow nerds, explore lead-follow dynamics, and pick up a new skill. Previous experience and coordination are NOT required. We’ll be rotating partners (except for those who aren’t comfortable rotating partners), so there’s no need to bring your own. Comfortable shoes are recommended.
Your Personal Penguicon with a Passport! It’s finally time: You need to visit Germany and Japan! Whatever your interest is, odds are you’ll find a unique spin on it overseas that will change your life and how you view humanity. With nearly half a million transcontinental miles flown east and west, Nick Farr will regale you with tales of the geekiest highlights in both countries and tips on how to have an authentic, safe, geeky and budget-conscious international trip to Germany and Japan.
Tarot Q & A Learn the not-quite-as-mysterious history of tarot and the basic concepts behind the cards and readings. Bring any questions you might have about tarot!
American Sign Language Meetup An open discussion for folks who knows ASL (American Sign Language) or have an interest in it. Come chat with us and learn some ASL or just work on your ASL skills!
How To Throw A Party The panelists have thrown many great parties over the years – join them for conversations on how to be a good host, creating atmosphere, and maintaining energy; Bring your own best tips and great party stories.
The Trials and Tribulations of the Artist’s Lifestyle Join a webcomic artist that dabbles in film, a film maker, a cosplayer, and a cosplayer/model/artist as they sit down with you for a guaranteed laugh riot. They’ll share some of their wackiest moments working on their craft. Both aspiring artists and those that have never given thought towards creation are encouraged to come!
Living From Your Strengths What are your core strengths? How can you integrate your unique combination of talents and innate abilities into your personal and professional life? Focusing on what we do well provides greater opportunities for success and helps establish the foundation for some of our more dormant talents to develop and flourish. Come learn how to enjoy a better quality of life by focusing on your strengths.
Just Happy to Be Here Presents Romeo and Juliet, The Funny Version Two of the worlds greatest pirates, Captain Duckman and his loving wife Jenniveve, have plundered nearly every ship that sails the seven seas. Bored, and on the run from the authorities, they’ve turned to stealing some thing even more important then money… laughter! But when you’re stealing, it’s always wise to steal from the best. So, come see them enact stage top piracy of the great bard himself, as they perform The Duckman’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ (the short version). Shakespeare as it should have been… Funny!
How to Use your Passions to Make Money Think about something you really love to do. Chances are you find it energizing, inspiring, challenging, and heart-opening, right? Next question: do you get to spend all day doing that thing? If you said “no,” why not? Erika Carlson shares suggestions and lessons from experience on finding, doing, and getting paid for what you love, without living on ramen (unless you’re into that).
Death Cafe Join Merilynne Rush (Natural Death Care educator and founder of the Ann Arbor Death Cafe) for eating cake, drinking tea, and talking about death. The aim of this discussion is to help people make the most of their (finite) lives by increasing awareness. Participants will direct the conversation.
BoF: Christians in Fandom Meet other Christians in fandom for discussion and fellowship.
LGBTQA* – An Alphabet Soup Q&A A discussion on LGBT/Queer Culture within fandom. This includes challenges faced, successes of fandom culture, and opportunities for improving inclusivity/diversity within fandom. This will be a hands-on discussion where a diverse panel will represent a variety of the gender and sexual spectrum and audience participation will be encouraged. Our panelists will be happy to address general questions about the gender and sexual spectrum after the panel, as well as providing resources for further learning.
BoF: The LGBTQA Community and Fandom What challenges do members of the LGBTQA community face? How can we improve diversity and inclusivity in fandom
Kevin Bacon of Love For polyamorous folks and those who may be poly-curious, we’d like to offer you an inside look on our lifestyle. Polyamory is the philosophy or state of being in love or romantically involved with more than one person at the same time. Regardless of whether you’ve been poly for years or have never heard of the term, join us to discuss ethics and styles of poly and ‘poly-cules’!
Speed Dating for Open Relationships If you are interested in, or already involved in polyamory, and want to meet new available people at the con, join us for a round of poly speed dating!
Poly Family Life Not just for parents! This session will cover the whole of polyamorous family life: how to keep long-term relationships alive and healthy, household management, dealing with extended families, and yes, kids. If you are a practicing polyamorist or seeking one or more long-term relationships, this session is for you. If you are poly-curious and want to see the different ways that poly families take shape, please feel free to join us.
Polyamory 201 Advanced polyamory topics for practicing polyamorists. We’re skipping basics like “what is polyamory” to talk about different poly relationship formats and how they tend to fare in different circumstances, how to introduce newbie polyamorists to a stable poly network with a minimum of drama, and more.

After Dark

Kinky Pervertibles Sure you can go out and spend massive bucks on custom and professionally made kinky tools, but you don’t need to. Come find out some great places to find them for cheap, and how to find things that were not intended to be used as one but work even better. Chances are, you’ll never look at a shopping trip the same again.
Parasitic Paranormals: Getting Rid of Them How to remove unwanted things/beings from life, home and being. Discussion of different practices, spells, and ingredients that help to remove annoyances. After ghost hunting and magically cleansing many homes, I have found different things that work to remove attachments and parasitic paranormals.
Violet Wands: From Quackery to Your Bedroom and Beyond Tesla Coils in the bedroom? Shocking! A history and demonstration of Violet Wands from their beginnings as Violet Rays to your bedroom as fun and shocking devices known as Violet Wands. Learn some of the science behind the devices. Ever wondered what it’s like to feel high voltage at your finger tips? Ever wondered if you can take a tesla coil in the bedroom? This is where you’ll find out!
The Guilty Orgasm: Does Traditional Masculinity Make You Worse In Bed? Are men actually worse in bed because of a societal focus on a few sexual acts? Ferrett Steinmetz reads from his essay “The Guilty Orgasm,” which received over 2,000 shares and loves, and then moderates a discussion with the audience to see what you think.
Fireplay 101: Burninating The Peasants And/Or Girlfriends Learn how to set fire to the ones you love! Will include discussion of fire wands, flash cotton, firecupping, and much discussion of safety.
We Have Cookies! Come to the dark side — we have cookies! It’s like an ice cream social for the alt-sex community without the melting. Bring your favorite cookies, brownies, or other finger-foodable dessert to share and chat with some of Penguicon’s finest kinksters, polyamorists, and relationship geeks. Extra cool points are awarded for homemade treats. People of any background, sexual interest, or dessert preference are welcome.
A Tour of Adult Toys See a variety of sex toys from simple and cheap to the cutting edge, and learn the best uses of each along with how to clean and store them. We’ll demonstrate different materials, and how to share them with others. Hands-on (but not genitals-on) experimentation after the Q&A.
Safewords, Beginning to Expert Learn how and why people use safewords during rough sex play and BDSM. They’re codewords to stop activity in case of trauma or the need to discuss what’s going on, with no repercussions. Did you know that tops/doms use safewords, too? Practice saying safewords aloud during a brief exercise. Hear about examples when safewords failed and how many people are reluctant to use them, despite their best intent.
Swinger *or* Poly? Swinger *and* Poly? Many times, the terms “swinger” and “polyamorous” get conflated. Many times, they overlap. In the world of alternate relationship styles, one can meet swingers who look suspiciously upon polyfolk. Similarly, one can also meet polyfolk who sneer a bit at swingers. But why? Can’t we all just get it on? (I mean, get along?) This session is in audience-participation format (not like that, keep your kilts ON!) and seeks to get some of the common stereotypes out in the open, toward the goal of greater understanding on both sides of the “aisle.” The Venn Diagram might well inspire you. It’ll be run by folks who have their feet in both worlds, and it’ll include an ask-us-anything time.
BoF: Your Kink Isn’t My Kink And That’s Okay With the unlimited possibilities found in today’s culture, how do you determine what your hard and soft limits are without suffering from the fallout of a traumatic experience?
Live Body Paint Watch the magic happen as we transform our beautiful model into a work of art! Have you ever thought of becoming a body painter? Have you ever wanted to transform another person into something from your imagination, making them your own creation? Have you ever wanted to become the art yourself? Come and see what it is all about. We will be painting a full-body Doctor Who inspired piece. Stop by throughout the evening and watch the paint come to life. Feel free to take pictures and ask questions of the artists and model.

Penguicon Events

Creating Safe Spaces How can we create safe spaces for people of all varieties at the convention, and in our lives outside of fandom? Join a discussion with our staff (including the con chair) and those who have ideas on how we can do better on inclusivity and promoting consent.
Penguicon Board Meeting You’ve done the convention, you’ve met the staff, and you’ve even socialized with the ConCom. But what about those *other* Penguicon people? Those shadowy figures that create the multi-year rules, have their fingers on the money, and cause a ConChair to mysteriously appear every year in a puff of penguin-scented smoke? Ever wonder what the Penguicon Board of Directors does in their secret sanctum, and where they are taking Penguicon? Come to the Board of Directors meeting and see!
Opening Ceremonies Join our con chair, Nuri Gocay, the Con Committee, and our Guests of Honor as we open this bad boy up for the weekend. You never know what surprises might be in store!
Closing Ceremonies As we officially shut down another amazing, exciting year for Penguicon, come hear about how it went, and what we’ve got our eye on for next year.
Masquerade Anyone who’d like to join in our Masquerade contest is encouraged to join us for the Muster, so we can announce you in the fashion you are accustomed!
Geek Prom This year’s Geek Prom is themed “Enchantment Under the Sea”, just like in Back to the Future. Come dance around Ernie Cline’s Delorean!
So This is Your First Penguicon? Our chair, Nuri, will talk about how he first joined Penguicon, and give you a tour of what’s awesome (everything!) here. If you’ve never been and you want to get to know the event, this is the panel for you!
BoF: Why Didn’t You Present at Penguicon? So, you were interested in talking about something at Penguicon, but decided it was too much work. Why did you feel that way? Would it have helped if someone gave you some support? Would a group project have been of interest? If you are presenting, what helped you decide to make the presentation? Let’s discuss what we can do to encourage each other to contribute to Penguicon. We will ask attendees to brainstorm ideas that will encourage more participation. Any thoughts you can bring in will be helpful! The Head of Programming will join in the discussion.
Penguicon Party Planning for Detcon1 Penguicon will be throwing a two-night room party at Detcon1. Come help with the plans for this most epic of parties!
Penguicon 2015 Planning Meeting Planning meeting with the 2015 ConChair. If you’re interested in helping to organize next year’s convention, come offer your soul, your firstborn child… or just your help.
GoH Social Hour Get to know our GoHs as we all get together for some cocktails. Meet us in the bar.

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