2014 Presentations


We encourage all of our panelists to provide their materials so people who were at their panels can reference them later.  People who present less than three panels but want the panelist rate can provide us their presentation in lieu of their time.

All presentations are Creative Commons licensed.


3D Printing and Linux, Tom Callaway

3D Printing and the Future of the Tabletop Game Industry, Jason Rutherford

All About Audiobooks, Bill Kolasa

Cutting Edge Neuroscience or Science Fiction?, Heather Aman

Demystifying Green BurialMerilynne Rush

Edutainment Software: The Good, The Bad, and How to Improve, William Bowen

Fosscad: Open Source Firearm Designs, The FOSSCAD community

Fun with High-voltage toys, Keith Moore

GTD Under Linux, Craig Maloney

Great Engineers: Gotta Catch ‘Em All, Sarah Elkins, Jer Lance, and Ranti Junus

Internal Martial Arts, Marie Staver

Kevin Bacon of Love, Victoria Stapels, Michael McAtee, Sunny Smith, Chris Thom, and Amy Leikert

Making Clocks and Timepieces with Arduino, Ethan Dicks

Programming Robots the Old Fashioned Way, Phil Salkie

Silent era films, Keith Moore

Test Drive A Minimoog, Jim Poltrone

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