Feb 102014

Our Music track head, Jon Pilbeam, has lined up a lot of great musicians to play during Penguicon!  We’ll have more information about their schedule as we get closer to con.

Some of the people who will be performing are:

SteffoMy Parents Favorite Music

Steffeny “Steffo” Messinger uses the title “My Parents Favorite Music” to describe the chiptune/video game influenced songs she writes, produces, and records.

Bringing a spectacular amount of energy and love, clever wordplay, and unique presence, Steffo ensures every listener is welcome to join the party in her musical adventure.

Check out her jams at myparentsfavoritemusic.com.


King Pheenix 12King Pheenix

King Pheenix (Scott Shepley) has been a recording artist since 2003.  After releasing his Third album, Event Horizon:No Turning back. and with many projects in the cache for 2014… many people are asking – is the Pheenix ready to re-gen?

Since joining Scrub Club Records in 2009, he has performed on multiple stages including Florida’s Nerd Invasion 2009, Nerdapalooza 2010-2013, Gen Con 2010-2011, Penguicon 2012 as a Guest of Honor, and Houston’s Comicpalooza 2013.

Find more info and download albums at maineventofhiphop.com



StarF is a pretty cool guy who occasionally yells at microphones and calls the results music.

StarF was raised with internet culture and music to lead the way, so it only made sense that eventually he would discover a musical community on the internet where he could feel most at home. Aligning well with Scrub Club, StarF now works ever longer to become not only the best rapper he can be, but the best human he can be.

Sometimes poetic, sometimes comedic, and sometimes downright nonsensical, every project is a genuine piece of the amalgamated monolith that is StarF.”

StarF’s Music


2 mello2 Mello

2 Mello is a remix artist and soundtrack composer who chews up samples and neat sounds and spews out music that you can’t stop listening to. He is most famously known for Chrono Jigga, a mashup album that sees Jay-Z’s lyrics mixed with handcrafted beats sampling the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. After producing three albums as a solo artist, he was signed to the online, non-profit label Scrub Club Records.

Recently, he began a career as an indie game composer and is now working on the soundtracks for Read Only Memories and Dawn Of Time. He has been featured in articles on Spin.com, Kotaku, The Verge, Polygon and Destructoid, among other websites.

2 Mello’s Music


Devo Spice from above smiling HRDevo Spice

Devo Spice is a nerdcore and comedy rapper from New Jersey who has been called “the red-headed stepson of Weird Al Yankovic and Eminem.” His demented brand of hip hop made him one of the most popular artists on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show.

Devo Spice performs regularly across the country at music clubs, comedy clubs, and science fiction conventions. The live show features videos and animations synchronized with the music resulting in a hilarious show.

His latest album I Am The Doctor is a Doctor Who concept album which features one song per incarnation of The Doctor in addition to the title track, and even has some special celebrity cameos.

Devo Spice’s music




Monotony is powered by two game boys running LSDJ, resulting in an assault of grungy, hyperactive, progressive, chiptune dance music.

Monotony also spun during Penguicon 2013.

Monotony’s music



Barbeque creates luscious soundscapes and rhythms designed to flush out memories past, and bring about visions of the future.

Barbeque put out jams during Penguicon 2013, as well.

Barbeque’s music can be found at http://bbqchirps.com.


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