Jun 262014

From our Hotel Liason, Lucy Kennedy:

It’s time to put Penguicon on your radar again! We have dates! We have a hotel! We have a concom! We have Angry Orchard cider! No wait, that’s just me. Sorry.

Without further ado: Penguicon 2015 will be hosted, once again, at the Westin Southfield on April 24-26th, 2015! We are blocking out the entire hotel again, and the link to reserve rooms will be available when the 2015 website goes live (which will be soon!). Double/king rooms will be $108/night, and suites are $199/night this year.

PLEASE NOTE: The dates for Penguicon have shifted one week earlier than what we originally anticipated. If you pre-regged for May 1-3 and are UNABLE to come on April 24-26, please email registration@penguicon.org so we can work with you.

Only ten months left to get super excited for Penguicon. What? You know you want to. You can start at the SMOS dinner this Sunday, June 29th, at the Gocay home, starting at 3pm!

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