Apr 252014

Fighting in the Movies – Chicks that kick a$$ with Shannon MarshallShannon Pink Punk (2)

Ever wonder if the action in films could happen in real life?  Wonder how woman can realistically win over a much larger opponent, like the scene in Total Recall (2012)?  Shannon will walk you through a series of the best female fight scenes in the movies and break down the skills needed to make it look real.  She will examine the hand-to-hand techniques, “prop” fighting, and swordsmanship in each clip to show you how they make you a believer.

We asked Shannon why she wanted to present this panel: “Being part of Polaris Fellowship of Weapons Study I love doing a “fighting in the movies” panel every year at Penguicon. This year I decided to focus on the chicks that kick ass! Most recently inspired by Black Widow in the Avengers, I felt it was important to showcase that females can kick just as much butt as men.”

Woman can kick a$$ and Shannon plans on showing you just how much.

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