Feb 192014

Recently, a first-year attendee
asked, on Facebook, how a newcomer can fit in during their first Penguicon. Many of our attendees responded, and kindly allowed us to share them with you:

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“It was my first convention ever, and I had so much fun. It’s big enough to have a lot going on, but small enough that you can get to know people there.” – Megan Gedris

“Penguicon always seemed like a con whose theme was “All the stuff nerds/geeks like to do”. So there is probably at least one awesome panel for everyone who attends and lots of great panels … no matter who you are. Seriously, the diversity is amazing. I can’t remember exactly my first Penguicon experience but I went as a presenter with a group and we picked out a couple of things that sounded cool and they were.” – Jeannette Quirk

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“I moved from Manhattan to Michigan to be around this community. For me, it’s truly home. I found Penguicon five years ago, flew in from Seattle, and was completely hooked. Don’t be nervous… we are the most accepting, fun, and passionate group you may ever meet”  – Nuri Gocay

“I did my first Penguicon with my business Serenity in Chains. It was an amazing experience! I don’t think I’ve been to a con with more friendly, outgoing confolk! We will be there again this year as well.” – Michelle Maddux, Serenity In Chains

“I look forward to Penguicon like kids look forward to Christmas. I have a hard time communicating with people in the ‘real world’, but everyone is so wonderful and open in this community that it’s no problem. It’s like going back to my home planet. The biggest problem you’re likely to have with going to panels is that there are too many great ones going on at the same time! Agony, I tell you.
pcon2013 bb9q5135“I absolutely recommend volunteering, consuite if you can get it. That’s always been my favorite posting. There is a regular panel titled something like ‘So this is your first Penguicon’. It’s not necessary, but still handy if you’re a newbie.” – Curtis Giordano 

“I’ve been attending since 2006 and I can’t imagine ever missing it. It’s fun, people are so nice and convivial. And friendly!” – Holly McGuinness 

“I went by myself to my first penguicon, it was a bit intimidating, but I met soooo many people there. Everyone is extremely nice and inviting. That weekend was actually the weekend I met some of my very best friends. It is the best convention ever, you should definitely come!” – Kristin Powell

If you’re new to Penguicon, join us at a Con Committee meeting or one of the other events leading up to Penguicon, and we’ll welcome you into the family.

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