Sep 202013

nerdsplosion-graphicNerdsplosion is gearing up to be THE nerd music festival in Michigan with the help of Penguicon.

We’ll have everything you need from nerdy music from the best in nerdcore hip-hop to well-known indie/pop nerd artists in the country. Also, some of our favorite local chiptunes artists will be there – they performed at Penguicon to rave reviews!

We’ll be announcing more details in the coming months.

Come to the Cavern Club in Ann Arbor, MI on April 5th to experience the best nerdy music has to offer.  We’ll have Penguicon swag and a membership booth there as well!


  • MC Lars
  • Schaffer the Darklord
  • Marc with a C
  • Brandon Patton
  • Jesse Dangerously
  • StarF
  • Snesei
  • Barbecue

We’re working on a website for Nerdsplosion, but we’ve got ticketing up at!

By the way, congratulations to Suzette M, who won free tickets for suggesting the name of our concert!