Apr 242014

Rocky Horror Resurrection and Costume Contest with your host and judge: Dr.  R. Frank N’ Furter (Tim Downing)rhps (2)

Join Dr. Frank N’ Furter for an event that is sure to having you jumping to the left and stepping to the right with joyful abandon.

RHPS got its start in 1975 as a film after being adapted from the musical stage production.  It has a large international following and continues to amuse and delight audiences nearly 40 years later. When we asked Tim why he thought this film continues to have cult following he had this to say:  “Each ‘new crop’ of kids ‘coming of age’ rediscover the messaging of the film and runs with it.   Where else can one, engage in fervent Cosplay, act totally silly without worry, run around in ‘sexy’ sultry outfits, hang out with groups of people like-minded and explore oneself in the meantime.   All without reproach.”

The evening will start with a preshow filled with mash-up based fan videos and will be followed by the showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Cosplay is encouraged and will be judged throughout the event.  The evening will be rounded out by a “graduation” ceremony for all RHPS “virgins” and awards given to the winners in the costume contest.

If you are a RHPS “virgin” come prepared for an experience and not just a movie.  Viewers are encouraged to participate in the film with props, lip-syncing, and response to on-screen jokes.  Prop bags will be for sale at the event and movie cues will be given so that everyone can play along.  Although participation is encouraged, it is not expected and based on your own comfort level.

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