Scott Kennedy

I'm a professional video editor, director, videographer, photographer, and web designer. I've been coming to Penguicon for many years, and have staffed as GoH liason, Sponsorships, graphics, marketing, and in 2013, Head of Communications. I've dressed as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, Strongbad, a tentacle monster, and Powdered Toast Man.

Jun 262014

From our Hotel Liason, Lucy Kennedy:

It’s time to put Penguicon on your radar again! We have dates! We have a hotel! We have a concom! We have Angry Orchard cider! No wait, that’s just me. Sorry.

Without further ado: Penguicon 2015 will be hosted, once again, at the Westin Southfield on April 24-26th, 2015! We are blocking out the entire hotel again, and the link to reserve rooms will be available when the 2015 website goes live (which will be soon!). Double/king rooms will be $108/night, and suites are $199/night this year.

PLEASE NOTE: The dates for Penguicon have shifted one week earlier than what we originally anticipated. If you pre-regged for May 1-3 and are UNABLE to come on April 24-26, please email so we can work with you.

Only ten months left to get super excited for Penguicon. What? You know you want to. You can start at the SMOS dinner this Sunday, June 29th, at the Gocay home, starting at 3pm!

May 082014

bx7u0515_sizedIf you’ve written up your experience at Penguicon this past May, please send a link to and you’ll appear on this list!  We will select one reviewer to receive a free Galaxy-style T-shirt of their choice.

Other links:

Apr 232014

nuri_greeterdeskThe first thing you’ll see this year when you walk in the front doors is likely to be our greeter table – our welcome banner, souvenir books, and one or two friendly people to direct you wherever you’d like to go.

If you’re new, they’ll show you around the convention, help you get registered, and give you an idea about what Penguicon is all about!

If you’re the kind of person who enthusiastically talks about Penguicon throughout the year and wanted a way to contribute to our all-volunteer family without committing to monthly meetings or lugging kegs, THIS IS FOR YOU!

This position DOES

  • Allow you to hang out at the front door to check out the new arrivals, like you would anyway
  • Allow you to make someone else feel less confused/overwhelmed and more welcome to the con
  • Allow you to run around the hotel on tours, with people in tow, as madcap as you’d like, to show them what’s awesome at Penguicon
  • Give you a chance to hand out ribbons (while they last)
  • Get you typical volunteer swag, a Penguicon sticker (while they last), and a special ribbon only for greeters
  • Get you a shout-out at Closing Ceremonies

penguicon_stickersThis position DOES NOT

  • Provide hours for reimbursing your badge.  Kalika still needs volunteers for vital positions during the con, and we do not want to take away from that with the greeter desk!

Many of the ConCom plan on taking some time at the greeter desk, including myself, the Con Chair, and the Head of Programming. Many “old hands” at Penguicon have also volunteered to show people around.

We ask that you not volunteer for this if it’s your very first year at Penguicon (the opposite of Fight Club).

If Penguicon has shown the love to you over the past decade-plus, show a little love back through the Greeter Table by volunteering some of your time.

Apr 182014

pcon2013 bb9q4786If you are presenting a panel during Penguicon this year and you’d like to pay the presenter rate (without doing three events), please submit a web link to your presentations to marketing @ penguicon dot org.

We encourage anyone who has visual aids to make them available to us via a Creative Commons license – it’s just one more way to give back to the community.

All available presentations can be found on our Presentations page – don’t forget to check back after Penguicon is over to see additional presentations as we gather them.

Apr 162014

pcon2014_shirt_ladiesIf you’d like a Penguicon 2014 shirt, please pre-order before April 25th to ensure Offworld Designs has your size at their booth – if you miss that window, you’ll have to take your chances with whatever sizes they bring to the con.

The front image is our beautiful program book cover, and the back is a graphic with our logo, the guests of honor, and a sweet reveal of all of the awesome things that happen during Penguicon.

NOTE: This year they’ve made available to us a women’s cut T-shirt!  Again, pre-order to make sure they have your size!

Both styles of shirt can be found on our Art and Media page!

Apr 042014

pcon2013 bb9q4810Suzette says:

With a month to go, it’s time to get excited about your costume! Not everyone knows about our Masquerade (Costume Contest).

It’s open to everyone – even if this is the first thing you ever made, even if someone else made it, even if you bought it outright you can show your work off.

You can compete for fabulous prizes, or just walk the stage and strut your stuff! Please see our contest rules, and submit an application.

The Masquerade takes place Saturday evening. You can enter here, or fill out a paper form at Ops. If you want to compete, come to the Masquerade Muster an hour before the main event. See you soon! If you have questions, post them in the Costuming forum or email masquerade at penguicon dot org.

I’m dying to see your fabulous entries!

Mar 302014

pcon_sched_thumbWe had a wonderful end of March meeting at the Westin Hotel, and one thing that was announced is a schedule for paneling this year!

The schedule is available on our This Year at Penguicon page.  The PDF will change on a regular basis, so please check there for the latest version.

Also, contact with any errors.  Being scheduled for two panels at once, for instance, is an error.  We do not expect you to co-locate, unless you’re doing a panel on it.