Nuri Gocay

Mar 272014

Westin_insideIt’s been an incredibly busy month! Whew! All sorts of magical and wonderful things are happening because dozens of people have put in hundreds of hours to make this the biggest and best Penguicon ever… and things are looking pretty damn good. For that, I send my heartfelt thanks. If you’re putting on a panel, organizing an event, running a track, heading a department, planning to volunteer, or even leaving comments in our vibrant Facebook Community or Forums, thank you.

We have a big meeting coming up… this Sunday, 1pm, at our host hotel. This will be our final hotel walkthrough. We’ll have representation from the hotel there to get your hotel questions answered, in real time, and go through all parts of the meeting space. The meeting will be held in one of the second floor boardrooms (up the staircase, turn left, behind the double glass doors… or if you’re coming from the second floor parking lot, come in and turn right), and the SMOS party will most likely be held in the same area on the second floor, as well.

Let us know that you’re coming: RSVP for the SMOS and ConCom meeting here!

I need all Concom and Staff hands on deck for this meeting. Be prepared: bring your updates, questions, and things you need from me (or other departments). We’re definitely going to reach 88 MPH.

There will be one final meeting announced, but it’s going to be at someone’s house, not at the hotel. The date for that FINAL meeting will be announced at the next meeting (and available in all social media outlets immediately thereafter.)

We’re almost there, folks. One more insane month, and it’s going to be the weekend we’ve worked our entire year for. Thanks again for all you do, every day, to make this a more fun, interesting, inclusive, and awesome place.