Mar 102014

pcon2013 bb9q4442Over the next month, we’re going to highlight artists, panels and events that are coming to Penguicon, and we’re going to start this week with the Artist Alley! (Note: Part 2 is available, as well.)

This year’s Artist Alley is a huge and diverse group of artists who each work in a different format or style.

We asked them to tell us a little about themselves; we have so many, we’ve broken them up into 4 posts, so check back later in the month for more.

Geeks with Scissors

Two very geeky sisters….with scissors! They started their shop as an outlet for their creativity and ADD craftiness and it slowly morphed into a perfect variety of items based on their favorite fandoms! The sisters make everything themselves and love to accommodate custom orders.   

geekswithscissors2 geekswithscissors1

Emmy Jackson

Emmy is a local author who has recently released his second book in the post-apocalyptic urban-fantasy series …”Empty Cradle: Shiloh in the Circle” Emmy Jackson is also a self-syndicated freelance automotive writer, an avid reader with interests in multiple genres and a long-time player of tabletop RPGs.



 Things from Rings

David designs Ladies fashions made from Jump rings and Stainless steel scales. His works can be found from Renaissance fairs, Bike shows, Art shows and charity events among other events.  He makes all the jump rings himself and everything is handmade. Custom orders are always welcome.

thingsfromrings2 thingsfromrings


Crystal Mielcarek

Crystal Mielcarek – is a Detroit based illustrator. Her work has been in local galleries and shops and most notably her design was used as the official poster for the Detroit Zoo in 2010 which remains in the permanent collection. Adorable animals in desperate situations plague her work but with a myriad of dazzling colors. The work is reminiscent many things but the methodology remains consistent. This helps keep it lively and whimsical while maintaining a satirical complexity upon a second glance.


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